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The New Moon in Libra
October 15, 2012

by Marlene Pfeifle CAP

New Moon forecasts show general trends and financial outlook for the month

The New Moon forecast does do not get updated until the day of the New Moon. The next New Moon will be: New Moon in Scorpio, November 13, 2012.   Subscribe to our newsletter if you would like to receive the next forecast before the next New Moon.Please click to subscribe.

FOR LIBRANS - Libra is a Cardinal sign, and like other Cardinal signs (Cancer, Capricorn and Aries) your Sun sign is under the influence of Uranus square Pluto. The Good News is you are feeling a release from the heaviness of Saturn leaving your Sun sign.  You will find opportunities opening up to you as you enjoy a trine from Jupiter to your Sun this year. You may experience conflict in trying to find the balance between your own original identity and the needs of other people both at home and at work.  However, Saturn trine Neptune supports a strong sense of values and offers you creativity and a talent for following your intuition.

The New Moon chart interpretation I send monthly offers a broad picture of the astrological landscape for the lunar month.
 But I caution all of you to pay close attention to planetary cycles and what the technical charts tell us. This is your best bet for successful trading - seeing the whole picture!
In his weekly  Eye of Ra Report, Randall Ashbourne illustrates exactly what has occurred in global markets and leaves us with a picture of what to expect - Read about what he calls "the spooky stuff" (planetary cycles)and print the technical charts from his web site.  His report is also posted on the astrological investing blog

As Above, So Below - Fall is in the air!  As we enjoy the changing crisp cool weather and colorful leaves, take notice, too, that the energy Above has changed.  Saturn has moved into Scorpio, Mars is now in Sagittarius, Mercury will station retrograde on November 6, and Neptune changes direction on November 11.  But still ...the unpredictable and disruptive energy of the Uranus - Pluto square has people highly charged.

The New Moon in Libra, October 15 - Chart from the point of view of Wall Street and the NYSE. (Click for larger image)

Libra's place in the zodiac is found between the signs of the Perfectionist Virgo and the Transformational Scorpio.  Libra wants beauty, tranquility, peace and harmony; does not tolerate discord and desires justice.  Yet, often charts of Librans have much planetary influence from the signs it sits between - and both signs lean on Libra's scales.    Libra struggles for balance...

An Astrological Trip Around the New Moon in Libra Chart

A reminder that in Mundane Astrology the first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses are most important. The first house represents the minds of the people.  Changes and developments take place in the house where the New Moon is found.

The New Moon is found in the twelfth house
Only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked. - Warren Buffett

Events governed by the 12th house come to the forefront this lunar month.   The 12th house has much to do with what is hidden and what is behind the scenes.  Some astrologers have noticed that the internet has an important role to play in 12th house affairs.

The New Moon will bring a certain amount of hidden troubles of Wall Street and the USA to the forefront.  We may learn more about problems in the Middle East and "secret enemies".  

When well aspected, public institutions, hospitals, prisons, and charitable organizations may benefit.  However, since the New Moon is technically unaspected in the 12th, (no applying ptolemaic aspect within 3 degrees) it is hard to predict what hidden things will be stumbled upon in the darkness of this New Moon!

Saturn is on the Ascendant in the twelfth house, trining Neptune in the fourth.   This position gives Saturn more prominence in the chart, and can be read as Saturn in the first house.  However, even if read as being in the 12th, Saturn here trine Neptune is positive for trade, revenue and investments.  Public institutions, hospitals, prisons, and charitable organizations may benefit due to improved regulations or administration.

Neptune in the fourth strengthens idealized democratic/political causes.  Also, the fourth house has much to due with weather conditions.  Because of the trine with Saturn, Neptune here suggests colder weather.

Mercury in the first house
- During a time when the US candidates have debated, Mercury is found in the first house! A lot of political talk is going on.  The textbook interpretation of Mercury in the first is, " there is plenty of speechmaking".

Mercury is sextile Venus in the eleventh house - Trade will be active and educational affairs will be prominent. Venus sextile Mercury and square Jupiter will support stocks in the sector ruled by Gemini.  Gemini sectors include Advertising, Media (including social media), Telecommunication, Transportation (airline, railroad, truck & auto), Education, Leisure, Travel, Retail-Internet, Technology and Information Services.

Mars in Sagittarius in the second house - Mars in Sagittarius acts optimistically with great confidence - The aggressive monetary policy of Ben Bernanke will continue to be a positive force in the market as the increase in money supply benefits business. It is very possible there will be an increase in military spending with Mars in the 2nd.

Mars makes an opposition to Jupiter later in the month, a day before the Full Moon - Typically Full Moon periods see a temporary downturn in the market.  With Jupiter in Gemini and Mars in Sagittarius (Jupiter's sign!), these two planets opposing each other could cause an overreaction of panic in the market due to discontent over extravagance in government spending and the monetary policy.   Be alert in the market!

Pluto in the third house - With Pluto there is intensity. In the third, stocks ruled by Gemini continue to outperform the market. Gemini sectors include Advertising, Media (including social media), Telecommunication, Transportation (airline, railroad, truck & auto), Education, Leisure, Travel, Retail-Internet, Technology and Information Services.   

Pluto is squared by Uranus in the fifth - Education is a hot topic among the politicians, particularly the hiring of teachers and the cost of their benefits.  Clashing ideas and questions regarding the interests of children, particularly schools and education, will be a cause for argument. There is criticism of the administration's and government's spending too much money and leisure time.

Economically, the Uranus and Pluto aspect has been push pulling the markets.

Jupiter in the eighth house square Venus in the eleventh - More money is made available by government sources. Banking and financial institutions benefit.


Moon Phases
(Read Randall Ashbourne's article, The Moods of the Moon - Trading the Mood Swings of the Monthly Lunar Cycle . In his eBook, The Idiot & the Moon Randall combines his "Idiot" method to profitably trade the stock market using lunar phases.)

New Moon
October 15- 1st quarter Moon, October 21;  Full Moon, October 29;  Last quarter Moon, November 6;   Next New Moon, November 13, 2012.  

Note: New Moon periods tend to be a positive time for the markets, often coinciding with temporary highs relative to the direction the market is trending.  There are many of you who have been trading with the phases of the Moon and having much success; and you know by reading Randall's The Idiot and the Moon that there are times when it doesn't always work out that way!

From Randall Ashbourne, in his article on the blog, Using Daily Aspect Calendars to Time Intraday Trades
"LIBRA - Is the sign of “balance”, which is something rarely achieved. The scales shift back and forth, weighing the speculation of Leo against the critical examination of Virgo, to try to find direction for the next move..."

From Raymond Merriman's book, The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing -Solar/Lunar Correlations to Short Term Trading Reversals "Moon in signs with the Sun in Libra - High Probability Reversals: The New Moon in Libra has a higher than normal correlation with short-term trading reversals in the DJIA. The correlation to a trading reversal is even greater if Venus is in Libra or Sagittarius at the same time....we can conclude that 4% or greater reversals have a higher probability of occurrence when the Moon is in Libra, Aquarius or Scorpio. ...These probabilities are increased if Venus is also in Libra or Sagittarius." (Please take note that the Moon will be in Scorpio on the 16th and 17th during US market hours. The Moon will be in Aquarius during US market hours on October 22 and 23rd, however the Sun will be in Scorpio. Venus will be in Virgo on all these mentioned dates.)

HEADS UP! - Upcoming astrological events - the following aspects will create a wildly unstable (volatile) market.

October 28 - Mars in Sagittarius opposes Jupiter in Gemini at 15.25°

October 29 - Full Moon

November 6 - Mercury Retrograde

November 11 - Neptune stations Direct at
0° Pisces

November 13 New Moon - Solar Eclipse at 22° Scorpio

Important reading, Randall Ashbourne's article, Jupiter's cycle and its effects on Wall Street Studies have proven that stocks in a sector ruled by the zodiac sign that Jupiter is transiting in do well, and stocks that are ruled by the zodiac sign that Saturn is transiting in pull back.  Now is the time to look at stocks that typically do well when Jupiter is in Gemini.

Saturn entered Scorpio on October 5.  Reevaluate your portfolio looking carefully at stocks you may be holding in the Scorpio sector.

Astro Economics Stock Market Newsletter
does the research for you!  Regardless if it is a Bear or Bull market, there are always stocks that outperform. Gemini sectors include Advertising, Media (including social media), Telecommunication, Transportation (airline, railroad, truck & auto), Education, Leisure, Travel, Retail-Internet, Technology and Information Services.   

From Grace Morris' Astro Economics September Stock Market Newsletter

The InvestorPlace website on 8/20/12 listed the sectors it expects to outperform for the remaining four months of the year. These are the months that volume returns to the markets meaning summer vacation is over and more investors are looking for buying opportunities. These results are based on the past month’s performance. Since they mostly coincide with our projected favored sector picks for the current Jupiter in Gemini cycle (6/12/12-6/26/13), we concur with their projections: Utilities, Consumer Staples, Health Care, Technology, Energy and Materials. We would add Transportation, Telecommunication, Media, Education, Travel/Leisure and Pharmaceuticals."

Grace Morris' trading edge in predicting the next set of favorable sectors is using planetary cycle analysis. Also, using Value Line and the Investors Business Daily as tools her recommended stocks are those favored sectors.  Click to purchase Grace Morris' Astro Economics Stock Market Newsletter

Order Grace's book, How to Choose Stocks to Outperform the Market 2013.  Available for shipping now! Get a head start on profitable stocks, the economy, real estate cycles and business trends for the year ahead.

Other resources - Michael Munkasey's Company Data Complete data - IPO dates and dates of incorporation on all the stocks in the NYSE.

Safe Trading! Marley



Announcements are delivered with the Astrological Investing New Moon Newsletter before the new moon is posted to the web site. Click to subscribe to the newsletter.


New items in our Astrological Investing Shop. We are now in the process of adding Raymond Merriman's books. Please stop by and browse. There will be more additions in the future.

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Using Daily Aspect Calendars to Time Intraday Trades
by Randall Ashbourne, author of The Idiot & the Moon




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Please help support our site by using our bookshop for all your shopping needs!

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