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Venus - The Money In Your Chart
by Kaye Shinker

I know a lot of you are saying to yourselves: "What Happened? I used to be lucky and able to cover my losses then make a profit."   I thought I'd send you all great wishes to invest yourselves out of this mess along with some suggestions.

In the article titled, Fall Equinox, I discussed "'The Paradigm shift" and "Demand Destruction" as connected to the Ingress of Pluto into Capricorn.  Uranus turns direct on November 27, 2008 and that pulls the inventors out of the garage. Direct in motion means that Uranus will appear to move forward through the zodiac from the point of view of earthlings. Uranus moving direct for Financial Astrologers means that inventions will make news and investors will be able to evaluate the value of these new ideas.  Also, the public is looking carefully at their budget and ready to invest in ways to use their disposable income to their advantage.

Your horoscope can help you profit from the economic crisis.  In this article I will tell you about the house placement of Venus in your horoscope. The house Venus appears in your horoscope is where you like to work, where you put out more than 100% and where you always have difficulty assessing the exact amount to charge for your time and energy.  The position of Venus in your horoscope can give you a clue as to how you earn money one dollar at a time.

In a follow up article I will tell you about the house placement of Jupiter in your horoscope and what that will mean for you.

Take out your horoscope or calculate it using an astrology charting program.  If you don't have one there is a link on our web site where you can download a free program that will calculate your chart.   Go to the Astrological Investing Astrology Articles page and in left hand side navigation bar there are links listed under "Online Resources".  In that column is a link where you can download free astrology software. (This navigation bar is found on all the main pages at Astrological

You will need a good birthtime.   By "good birthtime" I mean you need a time from your birth certificate, or written in a baby book, or from your parents if they have a good memory as to the exact time of day you took your first breath.  An approximate guess will be fine to calculate the horoscope if that is all you have.

Ok, now that you have your chart, look at the house Venus occupies. Each house has "rulership" over specific areas of your life: 1st house, the personal you;   2nd, the money you earn;   3rd, your communications stuff, for example, cell phone, auto, bike, pager;   4th, home, your house, your family;   5th, fun, gambling, sports, children;   6th, physical work and service;   7th, your business partners, and spouse, business competitors, vendors, suppliers;   8th, taxes and insurance;   9th, travel, education, religion;   10th, your career;  11th, friends, income from career, wishes;   12th, hidden enemies, chronic illness, institutions. 

Venus In the Houses

Venus in the first
You are a natural salesman whether you are marketing a product or a service. You know how to make money by charming the change out of the customer's pocket.You easily interact with people and work best if you are paid on a commission.

Venus in the second
You need a savings account where you can deposit your change and small bills. (make sure the Moon is in Taurus) You tend to acquire tips and bits of money here and there. You are always earning money or gifts so you are self confident with your ability to acquire what you need. You can be the master of the barter game. Your problem is always, "did I set my goal high enough".

Venus in the third
You earn money in your neighborhood by networking with friends and family. You are the master of communications with everyone in your area. Use your genuine interest in helping people to enhance your income. Your talent is teaching what you know and you can always earn extra money by conducting classes. You tend to earn money in chunks so you have to learn to spread it forward to cover your expenses. You need to keep your hands busy, therefore, learn a salable craft.

Venus in the fourth
You love the land. You can grow everything and you have no trouble sharing the bounty. You see value in real estate that others do not see and can turn a buck selling real estate. You know how to evaluate the sincerity of people. You need to work on commission since you put your heart and soul into helping others find just the right merchandise or home.

Venus in the fifth
You love to play, therefore, you need to earn money playing. You earn money by entertaining others. It starts out as extra cash, but there are times when you push hard and actually earn a living with your talent. You understand that to gamble not only do you need to know the rules of the game, practice and study, but you need to know when to cash out. You do best when you set your limit whether you use time or amount.

Venus in the sixth
You are a worker bee. You are the type that can run a business and work a public service job or an hourly job simultaneously, You love both and the minute you give up one you find another. You know how to find a need and fill it.

Venus in the seventh
You work well with partners especially in Mom and Pop businesses. You need a partner with the same goals and who has no problem with 50/50. You know you attract the cash required to run a business, and you know you are too busy charming customers to cover the other details, therefore, you have to work side by side with a best buddy.

Venus in the eighth
You are responsible for distributing other peoples money.  People trust you to distribute funds precisely as they direct. With your own earnings you live on the edge because you have these small self indulgent purchases. You only save money when you discipline yourself. You make money helping others make money. You must charge for your time higher than the going rate.

Venus in the ninth
You have a flare for imports. You appreciate the craftsmanship of others and you enjoy sharing it with others. You constantly need to evaluate your value and charge for your services. You need to work alone for long stretches of time, and then you need to show the results of your research. You are the professor with holes in your jacket. You are constantly trying to find ways to earn money sharing your knowledge.

Venus in the tenth
Your goal is to be the president/CEO of wherever you choose to earn money. You believe you know how to run a profitable organization and you do. You work well with women and appreciate the artistic skills of your suppliers. You are very adapt at getting the best value for your money. You insist on having a comfortable place to work and you will work constantly until you achieve that goal.

Venus in the eleventh
Everyone is your friend and you want to have fun with your friends, therefore, you seek ways to earn a living that will satisfy that need. You know how to advertise and how to gather groups and make them feel comfortable. You always need to evaluate how much your time is worth especially when asked to organize a gathering.

Venus in the twelfth
You love to work behind the scenes. You gather information and hide it in stacks of notebooks. You can do anything that requires working long hours alone without supervision. Your problem is finding a skill where you are paid for extremely well for your talents You can work long hours on the Web, design work in specialized science labs, and you are particularly talented working in health care. Before you start a work project, you need to know exactly what the work will pay. You can work with a grant, or a commission, or a contract. You don't like hourly wages.

Astrological Treasure Map

Have you ever heard of a Treasure Map?  Here are the directions: Find a large piece of construction cardboard. (The type you used in school to illustrate your project)

Draw a circle and divide it into the 12 houses of the horoscope. Scroll back to the paragraph where I described the rulership of the houses .... Now find some old magazines and newspapers and cut out pictures of things you want to happen in your life.

Example: In the 3rd house you might put a car or a computer;  4th a new home; 9th an airplane for a trip. Be sure to paste a picture in each area.   If you are artistic you might want to hang it on the wall, but I just put my messy collage on the inside door of my closet.

Each house has plenty of meanings and it is fun to determine which house to place your favorite picture. Michael Munkasey has a well organized book available on Amazon, House Keywords ( An Astrological Thesaurus), and Rex E. Bills, The Rulership Book.

You can E mail me if you have a specific question about where to put a specific "I want item".  For example: A perfect hair style would go in the first house.  The 'Get out of Jail Free" card from your old Monopoly game goes in the 12th.

A client told me that she recently found the Treasure Map she made 10 years ago.  She said she was amazed to see that she had accomplished all of the goals represented by the map!  Further, she was surprised that she had purchased every thing on her Map down to the exact living room furniture she had pasted on her board.

I was amazed that it took her ten years, my treasure map only took me a year to accomplish, but maybe I had fewer pictures.


Kaye Shinker offers personal consultations based upon your natal horoscope. Kaye's analysis of an individual's chart is focused on the financial implications of the planets in their signs and houses in YOUR chart.   The reading is meant to give you ideas of ways to best use your time and money for your benefit and can help you define your style of trading or investing.  Click here for a professional astrological consultation by Kaye Shinker.

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