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The Winter Solstice - 2010*
December 21, 2010 - 6:38 p.m. EST Washington, D.C.
by Kaye Shinker

* December 21, 2010 23:38 UT (Universal Time) is the Winter Solstice. 
The Sun at it's most southerly declination, marks this as the shortest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere.

In the Southern Hemisphere it is just the opposite. This marks the longest day (and shortest night!) of the year.

The predictions derived from the Solstice Chart apply to the next three months until the Spring Equinox.

We will look at this Winter Solstice from the point of view of the general economy.   My analysis is set for Washington D.C.   If you live in another country, set the coordinates for your capital city.  

The Mundane Astrology Lesson in The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book 4 is designed to help you look at the charts set for your city.


Winter Solstice December 21, 2010 horoscope
Winter Solstice Horoscope (click for larger image)

The Winter Solstice 2010 Dec 21 2010 6:38 pm EST

Prior to the Sun entering Capricorn, which marks the Solstice, there is a Total Lunar Eclipse at 3:13 EST am at 29.20 degrees of Sagittarius.

It should be an exciting eclipse with plenty of scandals and whistle blowers hitting the internet headlines!  This is not your grandfather's war.  Those in power have no idea about how to handle the situation and, for the most part, their answer is “no comment”

A spider web is very pretty when the Sun’s beams sparkle through it.  The internet has earned the name World Wide Web and there is no way to unweave it.  Revelations concerning the past 15 years of secret documents will continue into the public domain, and Wikileaks will acquire readers in every segment of society.  The share price for companies involved will be vulnerable to erratic swings. Companies in the business of security software will enjoy increased sales.

Neptune is moving back and forth over the USA 3rd house Moon at 27 Aquarius.  Internal communications in the USA will remain vulnerable to various levels of misspeak until June of 2012.  Transiting Neptune has convinced Americans that they have been scammed, swindled, tricked, hustled, defrauded, and hoodwinked.  And their answer to those responsible is “You’re Fired”.  Long term investors will be wise to investigate the actual transparency of communications within the company before the commit to the purchase of a stock.

Below are very specific dates determined by when the phenomena are exact.  Usually events will occur a few weeks before the exact date.   A dramatic example:  July 20-August 2, a plethora of astrological aspects lined up.  The markets hit their low (Dow 9700) for the year on July 2.   Always remember markets anticipate the actual economic news.

Lunar Eclipse December 21, 2010
Lunar eclipses help you finish projects and evaluate the results.  It is a good time to study your portfolio and clean your desk. This one at 29 Gemini will give you the opportunity to evaluate your communications equipment, your vehicles, and your basic education. Gemini suggests that you write notes about the above and make the changes required in your life early in the new year. (To view the path of this eclipse go to: )

December 30, Mercury Direct at 19 Capricorn


January 4, Solar Eclipse at 14 Capricorn
At 14 Capricorn the eclipse is in the middle of the sign of business.  Many new business will be formed during the next six months. Capricorn seeks to go to the top of of its profession and these new businesses will work very hard reflecting a new style of business principles and business plans.  Three new ideas are quality products, cash on the balance sheet, and honest contracts with customers. (To view the path of this eclipse go to: )

January 4, Jupiter conjunct Uranus at 26 Pisces
The conjunction has a very good reputation for bringing up the market averages. The averages usually go up into the conjunction and then gradually move higher in the weeks that follow.

Super Full Moons will predict earthquake/volcano weather. They are: January 19, February 18, March 19.

January 22 Jupiter enters Aries
Favored sectors are changing. Usually the markets will fall for the few days moving into Jupiter's sign change as professional traders sell out holdings in one sector and buy in another. (Read my article on Jupiter in Aries: )

January 26 Saturn retrograde at 17 Libra
Saturn retrograde puts the emphasis on the accounting departments of businesses.  Changes in accounting rules and tax laws will keep the CFO’s very busy. The effect on market averages is negligible and does not reverse a trend. This time it could be a buying opportunity since there will be some confusion because Jupiter is changing signs.

February 25 Jupiter square Pluto at 7 Aries Capricorn
This is a quick aspect and markets will reverse about 1% for the few days near the exact date.  However, optimistic Jupiter does not make a bad aspect in market terms.  In this case it should help new businesses find ways to improve their capital investment.  Investors need to pay attention to creative small caps. Employment should increase and the result is additional funds sent to the treasury.  It is a time when new ideas are coming to market, therefore pay attention to the lists of impending IPO's.

March 12 Uranus enters Aries
Uranus' transit through Pisces dramatically changed music, dancing, and shoes.  Uranus' transit through Aries means things concerning your head will change.  Obvious changes will include hats, and electronic and digital head gear such as ear phones, etc., glasses, makeup, and hair styles. Uranus invents lots of new things when it transits a sign. Therefore expect to find new investments in companies that create digital head gear, comfortable glasses, and cosmetics for a new look. There will also be changes in metals and machinery.

In the Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 you will find a list of Aries sectors to watch for investing.  Also, read my article detailing the history of Uranus's previous transits of Aries.

We will call this the definitive date of the paradigm shift for the general population since most of the changes will occur in one’s home.

Market bubbles like Jupiter and Uranus in Aries. They will be together in Aries from March-June. If an investment seems to good to be true: IT IS.

The Solstice Sun appears in the sixth house (refer to chart above)
The Solstice chart actually promises employment.   And, in fact, the sixth house is occupied by 4 planets further promising an increase in the numbers of people who find jobs or invent their own work.  Throughout 2011 a plethora of new businesses will form.  Group one will replace those businesses closed by retirement or bankruptcy.  Group two will find a need and fill it.  Group three will bring exciting new products to market. Group four will assist the other three with bringing their businesses to the world market.

The next three months will emphasize employment, health, pets, uniformed personnel, and technical education. All of these sectors will find headlines and a gain in revenues. Employment trends improve because small businesses will experience a demand for quality products.

Mercury appears in the 6th house
Mercury retrograde during the Solstice means that all of us will find ourselves doing everything twice until the Spring Equinox, March 2011. It is very annoying but here is a case of forewarned is forearmed. Therefore it is a good time to repair stuff and read.  A side benefit is creative new ways to repair or restore material objects.

Pluto appears in the 6th house
The indication of Pluto here is improved employment as the uniformed services find additional jobs. Winter illnesses will keep folks working at home and local drug stores busy selling over the counter remedies.

Mars appears in the 6th house
Colds and flu with low grade fevers give folks a few unscheduled days off. It is best to stay home and not share with colleagues. Here is where temporary employment agencies will be able to help old customers and even find new ones. Employers should take note of temps that are particularly efficient.

Neptune appears in the 8th house
In this solstice chart, Neptune, the planet that represents inflation, confusion, and deception, occupies the 8th house of taxes, insurance, and other people's money.  Inflation is a problem and commodity prices are the direct cause. Insurance, death, and taxes are the primary concern of the average citizen during these three months.  A number of scams and scandals will divest folks of their money. It is extremely important to just say NO. If a deal is favorable now it will also be favorable in a few months.  Insurance companies have quite a few new rules to sort through and will have difficulty setting rates.

Jupiter appears in the 9th house
Now is a good time to take classes on any topic.  Spend some extra time learning all of the bells and whistles on your favorite trading sites.  Foreign trade especially concerning commodities will increase.  Farmers planning for summer should consider every option available and double check their hedges.  Shippers should have an excellent year ahead.

Uranus appears in the 9th house
Remarkable new discoveries will make headlines. Take notes, as investments in the future are a good possibility. This is a time for dramatic accidents and fires. Be safety conscious especially around your place of business. Higher education establishments will find it necessary to dramatically change their offerings. Technical workers need to adjust to new demands on their skills.

Moon appears in the 12th house
This position of the Moon indicates fewer gifts to charity. Illnesses tend to last longer than folks expect. Weather is cold and difficult therefore folks are doing their best to stay warm and avoid even going to the drug store or doctor. Companies that deliver to the home will find a great deal of work.

Saturn appears in the 4th house
The Midwest to the East Coast of the US will be cold and dry. Snow will be a problem in March. Housing continues to be a problem and sales will be slow. State,and local governments will continue to have funding problems with cold weather conditions escalating their expenses,

Venus appears in the 4th house
As the winter season winds down rain and snow will help agriculture. Earned income will increase dramatically for those who maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid the ordinary winter diseases. The winter will put a high demand on temporary workers and they will be well compensated for their labor.

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