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The Winter Solstice - 2009*
December 21, 2009 - 12:47 p.m. EST Washington, D.C.
by Kaye Shinker

* December 21, 2009 17:47 UT (Universal Time) is the Winter Solstice. 
The Sun at it's most southerly declination, marks this as the shortest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere.

In the Southern Hemisphere it is just the opposite. This marks the longest day (and shortest night!) of the year.

The predictions derived from the Solstice Chart apply to the next three months until the Spring Equinox.

We will look at this Winter Solstice from the point of view of the general economy.   My analysis is set for Washington D.C.   If you live in another country, set the coordinates for your capital city.  

The Mundane Astrology Lesson in The Textbook for Financial Astrology, Book 4 is designed to help you look at the charts set for your city. (see Kaye's Household hint: Using the Textbook at bottom of page.)

The Winter Solstice chart, December 21, 2009, 12:47 P.M. Washington, D.C.

Winter Solstice December 21, 2009 horoscope
Winter Solstice Horoscope (click for larger image)

The Winter Solstice Chart gives a general overview of the next three months. Most of the action for this three month period occurs during the twenty days following the Solstice. The rule of three is in full effect. In other words, three important aspects appear very close together in time:  Mars retrograde, Moon Jupiter and Neptune in conjunction, Mercury retrograde, and then a Lunar eclipse.  Each aspect is capable of igniting high volatility in markets.  Since they are close in time they suggest a move to cash.

2010 is a year of upheaval and instant change. Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus change signs twice during the year.  This means in order to make money you have to be focused and fast!  Economic news will require quick and careful study. Negative Tabloid style main stream media has more or less put itself out of business, therefore expect to find useful and accurate news emanating from the alternative news sources.

At we will try to keep you ahead of the news with our New Moon column, the AstrologicalInvesting Blog, and our new Community Bulletin Board.  

General Overview

December 20, 2009 Mars Retrograde

Mars turns retrograde at 19° Leo,  the day before the ingress of the Sun into Capricorn (The Winter Solstice).  This is usually a signal for a low in the markets* and, in this case, it may continue for the next few months with various aspects contributing to the bearish attitude among traders. This is a critical time for you to confirm your stops; the markets will be volatile.

*When Mars moves retrograde the price trends of stocks and commodities will reverse. If the price trend is up then prices will go down.

It is definitely a time to reserve cash and start serious research into emerging new technology.  It is a good time to hide your cash in a savings account.

Leo rules gold. (and Mars is currently transiting Leo) Before Mars turns retrograde would be an excellent time to confirm your stops on all metals and mining equities. The spot gold market will stabilize as the December wedding season in India draws to a close, in the meantime, watch for a real pull back in the price of all metals. The gold market will return in March when Mars moves direct, and the wedding season in India resumes.  

Mars, retrograde until March 10th, will also signal continued problems with employment and discretionary spending. Gaming and leisure industries will face a significant shortfall in profits. Service industries will find it difficult to balance their books and cut back on wages for hourly workers.

December 20, 2009 Jupiter conjunct Neptune and the Moon in Aquarius

All are applying to a conjunction of the USA Moon (Sibley chart).  American citizens are extremely happy with their technology toys and consider the holiday vacation a perfect time to learn how to use them. This is a magical time made even more so by the addition to many households various types of internet devises. Communicating instantly with everyone in the world is very magical.

Neptune rules deception/secrets and Jupiter rules expansion. This is their final conjunction until 2022. The disclosure of scientific manipulation of climate data could embolden new whistleblowers to reveal the secrets of government and industry withheld from the public. The internet is the media that will enliven the scandals. Not even advertisers trust the tabloid fare of the old media.

Neptune is for dreamers. Maybe NASA will announce trips to the Moon and Mars. Maybe the Congress will declare a tax holiday.  Maybe free energy will take over the planet.  The underemployed are bursting with great ideas, and they are ready to share.  If you think about it,  Americans are expert dreamers.  We own 85% of the copyrights and patents in the world, so we must be doing something no one else can do.

December 26, 2009- January 14, 2010 Mercury Retrograde

For new members: Lock your credit and debit cards in a vault! (I say this every time Mercury goes retrograde - it is meant for everyone.) Do not purchase anything that costs more than $15 and save your receipts.  Last Mercury Rx I had clerks taping receipts to everything.  This Mercury Rx I plan to read and research.

In Capricorn Mercury Rx is asking you to rewrite you business plan, rewrite your goals, change some of the rules around your place of business to allow for creative use of time/energy. Rework your strategies and then evaluate them when Mercury turns direct.  Check for further suggestions in The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1.

Once again, the rule of three is in effect: Saturn moves retrograde, Mercury turns direct, a Solar Eclipse is visible in Asia, and Jupiter is changing signs. These aspects happen within six days. The effect is to ignite a great deal of random energy as stress builds to a crescendo.  Markets will have very thin trading because of the holidays, and the reaction is excess volatility.

January 13, 2010 Saturn turns Retrograde

This will be a busy week. Therefore, the market volatility will be remarkable.  Go the opposite direction of the trend.  In this case make sure your stops are very close to your trade.  The best advise is to wait it out for a week and see where the trend is going.

Traders aware of my Mercury retrograde advise should just be returning from a nice vacation, so take it easy and get ready for next week.  Beating this market means no distractions and 24 hour vigilance over your trades.

January 15, 2010 New Moon Solar Eclipse

The eclipse is 25 degrees Capricorn, within the five degree orb applying to the USA Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn.  The entire country must rise from the ashes like the mythical Phoenix.  We will be forced to clean up one extraordinary mess during the next five months. My first thought is the electrical grid.  It is also possible that the dollar and the banking system will insist on being rebuilt.  Pluto is in the second house of the USA Sibley chart. (July 4, 1776, 5:10 p.m.)

An alternate chart for the 4th of July, proposed by Mike Munkasey, suggests the Declaration of Independence was signed at 9:37 a.m.  Pluto is in the fifth house of this chart.  The fifth house represents commodities and entertainment in Financial astrology.  Therefore, another possibility is devastation in the commodities markets or entertainment industry.  Both are the USA's most profitable exports.

My optimistic suggestion: Capricorn likes to change the rules of the game.  Pluto likes to destroy things.  For the past six months governments and business have been making various attempts at changing the rules. The current set of proposed rules is impossible to enforce.  During the next twelve months law makers might actually think of new laws and rules that are helpful.

IMPORTANT NOTE!  If you have a planet at 25 degrees Capricorn read my eclipse article.

January 18, 2010 Jupiter moves into Pisces (Jupiter's ingress into Pisces)

This is a short visit. (Jupiter stays in Pisces for about 5 months, and then moves into Aries June 6th.) When Jupiter changes signs the emphasis of favored market sectors switches. Markets start getting nervous when Mercury turns direct.  It will probably be February before the dust settles.  

In the Textbook for Financial Astrology, I discuss all of the economic sectors ruled by Pisces.  Jupiter means an abundant supply.  When Jupiter transited Aquarius there was an abundant supply of electronic stuff. Therefore, the prices for electronic stuff plummeted.  It did not mean that all technology type equities lost value, it meant that the best of breed gained value and their competitors lost value.  Which Pisces type equity will win the battle?  Remember when you wanted an iPhone last year?  What energy do you plan to spend money on this year?

January 31, 2010 Saturn square Pluto at 4 Libra Capricorn

The 21st Century Reformation of science is underway with the second waning square.  November 15, 2009 brought the global warming e-mail scandal to public attention through the internet.  The internet continues to expose a cadre of scientists whose talking points are determined by the source of their grants.  Corporate and political interests have thrown money at science and the media to keep the focus of the general population on the plight of the sick and the underprivileged. Their honorable mission allows for massive profiteering.  The waning square with Saturn in the sign of Justice (Libra) and Pluto in the sign of government and business (Capricorn)allows the internet to continue to expose these scandals. NASA is probably next on the list since space agencies in BRIC countries have discovered the science of our solar system that NASA has failed to report.

March 10, 2010 Mars turns direct - YEAH!

Most of us will feel like a huge weight has been taken off of our shoulders.  You now have permission to buy that new mechanical devise that you have been dreaming about for the past few months!  Hopefully your savings account covers the price.  Research geeks should be ready to execute their ideas, writers may start publishing, and inventors start building their working models.

Investors in metals will find demand revives. The currencies will return to their usual volatility.  Markets will reverse their trend favoring the upside.

Nothing like Mars direct to reveal scandals in the military, paramilitary and law enforcement.  Expect that newly retired folks will take the time to reveal some clever coverups concerning theft of public funds at all levels of government.

The Winter Solstice Chart Predicts the Three Months Ahead (now the horoscope interpretations for chart above)

The Sun Appears in the Ninth House

Legal matters, religion, shipping, foreign trade science and inventions are the topic of discussions among traders as well as those in power. Here the traders find opportunities to profit from the carry trade, dividends, and spin offs. It is important to research carefully the history of dividends paid before investing in a specific company. Companies that offer quality products will be very successful during the following three months. Folks are tired of throwing away shoddy merchandise.

Venus Appears in the Ninth House

Entertainment products continue to enhance foreign trade revenues. Companies with vast libraries of entertainment content will find sales increasing as electronic media players proliferate world wide. Opportunities for new content providers will encourage talented writers and publishers to aggressively market their wares in emerging markets. Profits are likely.

Pluto Appears in the Ninth House

Foreign trade and currency are driving the markets.  Businesses are calculating profit and loss using the currency exchange rates as a huge factor in their decisions.  When evaluating equities, it is extremely important to discover their exposure to foreign markets.

Politicians, professors and clergy are finding the old rules no longer apply.  The public will give them the opportunity to explain, but many will find retirement an excellent option.

Mercury Appears in the Tenth House

Guns vs Butter issues will dominate media conversation as scandals appear and dominate the web as well as mainstream media. Some scandals are Ponzi schemes, but most concern bribery of government employees.  A few dollars buys government approval of some rather dangerous products and services, and even global warming.

Neptune Appears in the Eleventh House

Film and creative works of art are a profitable and unique opportunity to increase the dividend payouts of various media companies. Demand for devises to record and distribute creative works will find additional sales and profit margins will increase.

Oil profits and dividends will be strong, but soon there will be a surplus supply.

Opportunity to legislate social reform by appealing to the emotions of the public is available. However, scandalous behavior by law makers at every level of government will surface. Secret plots and underhanded tactics are news.

Jupiter Appears in the Eleventh House

Trade and finance improve in spite of the trends. Cost cutting will improve dividend yields for most companies. Boards of Directors will tend to be generous with the upper level management and increase budgets for departments needing various new technologies.  Opportunities are abundant for investors in new businesses. Track new IPO’s and be ready to invest close to the Spring Equinox.

Jupiter will move into Pisces in January, therefore expect an abundant supply of those thing ruled by Pisces.

The Moon Appears in the Eleventh House

The public is happy to spend a small portion of their bonus money on a few trivial gifts, but they spend the largest amount on desired electronics. Expect consumer taste to change dramatically around the first of the year.

Uranus Appears in the Twelfth House

Dramatic winter storms, blizzards, and thunderstorms.

Charities and non--profit institutions are begging for contributions and are forced to continue their cut backs in services and personnel.

Unemployment issues increase criminal activity.

Individuals with a desire for fewer regulations and controls will find themselves in arguments with those who wish to control them.  States will attempt to enforce laws with a minimum of personnel.  Finding tax revenues to support additional employees is extremely difficult.

Mars appears in the Fifth House

Mars retrograde in the fifth says it is an excellent time to spend your money on your own education.  Since your energy level is low, it will help to have plenty to read.

If you are interested in trading commodities, this would be a good three month period to study these markets without putting any money at risk.  Understanding how to trade and how the exchanges operate is critical to making money in these markets.

It‘s a good idea to avoid investments in theater, recreation and casino stocks. There is a revolution in this business that is not readily apparent. Taste in luxury will change throughout the transit of Saturn through Libra.

Saturn appears in the Sixth House

Unemployment or minimum employment is a huge problem and will continue throughout 2010.  Do not trust government statistics. The solution is education, and independent small businesses.  Workers are demanding fair treatment . Uniform services are unhappy with their working conditions and suggest inflation adjusted wages. Blue Flu could strike. (Policemen usually wear blue uniforms)

GOLDILOCKS (Bulls 'n Bears parody)

Headlines from WSJ and IBD websites
Dec 23 Bear family returns from Disney World to cottage on Wall Street
Dec 24 Santa delivers a tree full of presents for Goldilocks and Baby Bear
Dec 25 Santa's sleigh returns homesick Ferdinand to Spain
Dec 26 Santa and Papa Bear assist law enforcement in the arrest of Artful Dodger
Dec 28 Grand Reopening of Mama Bears Porridge Kiosk (mercury is retrograde)
(for details refer to Goldilocks' blog)

Kaye Shinker

References: Mundane Astrology, by Manik Chand Jain, published by Sagar Publications, New Delhi, India 1978

Kaye's Household Hint: Using the Textbook For Financial Astrology. (If you don't have one, purchase one on our shopping page!) First read, and then print your Textbook for Financial Astrology. Three hole punch the pages and place them in a large three ring binder. Now, put the Textbook and a pencil next to your computer. If you have two computers, print it twice.

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