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The Summer Solstice, June 21, 2013*
*Summer Solstice chart for Washington D.C., 1:04 am EDT
by Marlene Pfeifle, CAP

Chart for Washington, D.C. USA
The first day of summer in the Northern hemisphere
The first day of winter in the Southern hemisphere

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Significant Upcoming Astrological Events of the Season

June 21 Summer Solstice,(Northern Hemisphere)
SUN into Cancer 1:04 am EDT

June 25 JUPITER into Cancer

June 26 MERCURY Retrograde at 23° 6' Cancer

July 01 VENUS Square SATURN, SUN Opposition PLUTO

July 08 New Moon, Venus trine Uranus, SATURN Direct 4° 49' Scorpio

July 17 GRAND TRINE between JUPITER, SATURN, and NEPTUNE; URANUS Retrograde 12° 31' Aries

MERCURY Direct at 13° 21' Cancer

July 22 FULL MOON, MARS Conjunction JUPITER, SUN into Leo,
VENUS into Virgo

July 26 VENUS Sextile SATURN, VENUS Opposition NEPTUNE

July 27 (Saturday) SUN Square SATURN, MARS Opposition PLUTO

July 31 MARS Square URANUS

August 07 JUPITER Opposition PLUTO

August 21 JUPITER Square URANUS

August 24 (Saturday) VENUS Square PLUTO

August 26 VENUS Opposition URANUS, SUN Opposition NEPTUNE

August 27 VENUS Square JUPITER, MARS into Leo

September 09 MARS Square SATURN

September 11 VENUS into Scorpio

September 18 VENUS Conjunction SATURN, VENUS Sextile PLUTO

September 20 PLUTO Direct 8 59' Capricorn

September 22 Autumnal Equinox, SUN into Libra

*In addition to significant planetary aspects above, is a Bradley Model Major Trend Change Date June 22 which occurs the day before the Full Moon in Capricorn (discussed in Randall Ashbourne's Forecast 2013).

The Summer Solstice occurs Friday, June 21, 2013 at 1:04 am EDT, Washington D.C.

discussion of Astrological Events and Chart Analysis

The entrance of the Sun into one of the four cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - are the most important solar ingress charts of the year as they form the background for which various other astrological events of the season take place.  

The chart rulers and the Sun's placement in a solar ingress chart basically govern the energy of the chart, and the ingress charts furnish, what H.S. Green calls, "a framework or skeleton outline of the year." They have a heavy influence, but do not override the impact of eclipses and major outer planet transits.

A summer packed with powerful planetary events - Aspects such as Uranus square Pluto and Jupiter square Uranus are extremely important because of the implication of their meaning globally as well as at home.    (These aspects will be triggered by transiting planets throughout the season - refer to dates listed above. Take particular notice of dates highlighted in red.) 

Uranus Square Pluto -  ( Read my discussion of this aspect written in the Fall Equinox article.) Within a separating orb of 1°40' in the Summer Solstice Chart for Washington D.C., this aspect is well within the orb of influence for the season.  May 20 was the third in a series of seven exact waxing squares between Uranus and Pluto that has occurred.  Uranus square Pluto remains an important global influence up through 2015.

Jupiter square Uranus - What does this suggest in the Washington D.C. chart?
Most likely it will be a hot, frenzied summer filled with demonstrations and demands for civil liberties, truth, justice and positive change in government.

What does this mean for the stock markets?
Using a chart for a visual look at how hard aspects between Jupiter and Uranus have impacted the market in the past, Randall Ashbourne discusses this aspect in his eBook, Forecast 2013, saying, "Jupiter is the Old God responsible for expansion and growth and Uranus is the ruler of stock markets. When the two of the meet, there is a tendency for the expansion to take a pause."

A square aspect is tense, dynamic energy pitting the nature of the planets and the signs they are in against each other to force an outcome.

  • Uranus in Aries is bold, impatient, impulsive and rebellious in the quest for individual freedom.
  • Pluto desires to control power, using power to control. With an affinity to the Underworld, it reveals what is hidden and dark, bringing elements into the light making what was powerful now vulnerable, thus easier to tame, reform, transform or destroy. Capricorn has dominion over governments and nations, and rules over all governmental authority. Capricorn, (using a quote from Raymond Merriman), "is signified by the psychological concepts of ambition, caution, resistance, responsibility, and an urge to make a clear distinction between right and wrong or good and evil."
  • Jupiter, ruling Sagittarius, represents - among other things - expansion and growth, generosity, optimism, and in mundane astrology, the nation's wealth.   Jupiter is associated with Social Consciousness and spirituality through his co-ruler-ship of Pisces, and of his rulership in Sagittarius, organized Religion, political aspirations, and law. 
  • Jupiter is exalted in Cancer - meaning, it is strong in Cancer, having all the privileges of an honored guest in the zodiac sign of Cancer and in the fourth house, Cancer's "home".

Jupiter enters Cancer June 25 - Mi Casa Es Su Casa (my house is your house..)
Because Jupiter is such an honored guest in Cancer, he should be on his best behavior. The US has a Cancer Sun, and Jupiter's exalted energy is big - with "thunderbolts" Jupiter will respond to protect the homeland and "the American Way", opposing any "lightning strikes" from a rebellious Uranus in Aries. 

Mercury turns Retrograde June 26
Approximately every three months we should prepare ourselves for about a three week break.  It's a time best used to rest up, relax, rejuvinate...and do all sorts of things that begin with the letters "re".   And the REason we should do that is because Mercury retrograde is a time when communications break down, misunderstandings occur, computerized electrical gadgets are likely to go on the blink, transportation goes every which way but loose, and shipping anything becomes a nightmare.  That's because Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo and has dominion over transportation, commerce, buying and selling, communications, and negotiations. And last, but not least - computers!

Back up your computers, take your car in for repair, and when traveling, take extra safety precautions. Reconfirm reservations and pack extra in your carry on in case luggage is lost.

I've known traders to press the "buy" button instead of the "sell" button during Mercury retrograde.  So do yourself a favor and REmember to take extra caution talking, traveling and trading during this time. Don't make major purchases or change jobs. You just might wonder why the heck you made those decisions when Mercury turns direct again!

During Mercury Rx the markets are unpredictable and volatile. If you are in the market trading, "take profits too soon!" as Raymond Merriman likes to say.  It is a time when normal price support and resistance lines fail, especially a few days before and after the stationing periods (when Mercury changes direction). Kaye Shinker always taught that usually about half way through the retrograde cycle you will see a change in the direction in the market only to return to where it started 90% of the time. Raymond Merriman says that "sharp swings of at least 4% tend to happen within only 4 days trading days , and usually within only 3 days of this signature." (From his book, The Ultimate Book On Stock Market Timing, Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles.)

Saturn goes direct July 8 - Saturn changing directions in the market often coincides with market reversals.
Raymond Merriman states "If prices are rising to a new cycle high in the primary cycle, traders might look for an opportunity to sell short. If instead prices are declining into this same time band, and a primary or greater cycle trough time band is also in effect, traders would be advised to look for opportunities to buy." (From his book, The Ultimate Book On Stock Market Timing, Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles.)

Jupiter will be in a Grand Trine July 17 with Saturn and Neptune, and just a couple days later Mars joins in on the fun!
Here we have an easy blend of inspiration (Neptune), enthusiasm (Jupiter) and self control (Saturn) with Mars joining in just to make certain things get rolling.  This is a very fortunate aspect for the season, and implies that no matter what, things can have a positive outcome if we take advantage of their timing. 

Let's face it, sometimes Gods just wanna have fun! So do we. Trines are typically easy flowing energy that does not compel us to action. Nice times, so relaxing... but while we enjoy the flow of energy, we can actually miss the opportunities they provide because of the lack of dynamic energy.  However, when these three outer planets form 120 degree angles to each other - a Grand trine - we really need to take advantage of the rare opportunity that arrives amongst a summer of difficult transits. With Mars in the mix, we might be able to Just Do It!

Uranus turns retrograde July 17
Raymond Merriman states in his book, The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles, "... Traders are advised to look for a primary cycle to culminate within 11 trading days of Uranus turning retrograde In most cases, this primary cycle will unfold within only 4 trading days of the retrograde Uranus date.." My late partner, Kaye Shinker concurred, stating, "When Uranus turns retrograde, about 4 days before the exact retrograde, Uranus reverses the market trend.  Following the Rx motion 80% of the time the markets creep up."

Mercury turns Direct July 20
Just as Mars forms a Grand Trine along with Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune, we feel the busi-ness of Mercury changing direction and moving forward once again.  For the US stock market, Mercury Direct is very similar to Mercury Retrograde. According to Ray Merriman "traders are advised to look for at least a 4% trading cycle to unfold within just two trading days of Mercury turning direct. Given an orb of 8 trading days, one is advised to look for a half-primary or greater cycle to unfold. The probability is greater that this cycle will be a crest than a trough. Therefore, if a half-primary or greater cycle crest appears to be unfolding within 8 trading days of Mercury turning direct (and better yet, if only 6 days or less), traders would be advised to look for opportunities to cover longs or even sell short..." (From his book, The Ultimate Book On Stock Market Timing, Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles.)

Pluto turns direct September 20
Stay alert in the market!  Pluto has been known to coincide with a short term cycle low or high 4 to 8 days after the aspect occurs.

A trip around the Summer Solstice Chart

Pisces Rising in the Chart - Ruled by Neptune and co-ruled by Jupiter - Again!   Is this a repeat of the Spring Equinox?
There is a glaring difference between these charts - and that is that Neptune, the chart ruler, is retrograde in the Summer Solstice.  So, no, it is not a REpeat of the energy of the equinox.

Retrograde Neptune may be surprisingly revealing!
When planets turn retrograde the energy of the planet turns retrospective and inward.  So, interestingly, when Neptune is retrograde, - retrospective and turned inward - people are more in touch with their subconscious and aware of the unseen world. Therefore people are more aware of what has been hidden, and are not as susceptible to the confusion, the typical smoke and mirrors tricks and deception, that can occur when Neptune is direct.

The Solstice Sun for Washington D.C. appears in the fourth house along with Jupiter
All fourth house matters will come into prominence during the Summer. This is the house of America's homeland. The heartland, crops, agriculture, land, mines and minerals. It is favorable for crops and the homeland in general.  Home building and buying will increase.

The fourth house also has much to do with the opposition party in government. The Sun here does not bode well for the administration in power, giving much more strength to the Republican party.

Jupiter on the cusp of the fourth suggests favorable weather for the nation's capital, and along the East Coast.

Mercury conjunct Venus in Cancer in the fifth house
Wherever Mercury resides in an ingress chart, that house highlights the greatest amount of activity for the season. Venus will increase the pleasure of all things in the house it resides in. The fifth house realm is entertainment, children and places of amusement, as well as the stock market and speculation, gambling and casinos.

It's going to be a fun-filled busy time for family picnics on the Fourth of July,  America's Independence Day.

Venus is fortunate for traders speculating in the market. Be mindful of the planets changing direction!

Saturn in the seventh house trine Neptune in the twelfth
Saturn provides stability, structure, and adds some limit to the indefinite quality of Neptunian energy.  Neptunian intuition is reinforced by the energy of rational Saturn, and flows easily with a trine aspect.

However, Saturn in the seventh is unfavorable for foreign affairs and for dealing with foreign diplomats.  Foreign trade is affected by some sort of limitation. According to Raphael, "Next to Mars, Saturn is the most evil influence in relation to international affairs and is sure to cause long and grievous difficulties in relations with other countries.."

Neptune, at home in the twelfth house, is compassionate - charitable institutions, hospitals benefit.

Moon in the eighth house
The ABC news reported in May that the woman in charge of the tax exempt division of the IRS when the office began targeting conservative Tea Party applicants, is now running the IRS office and will be in charge with administering Obamacare. (Read more: ) The IRS scandal could very well disrupt the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and the story will not die during the summer.

Pluto in the tenth house
With Pluto at the top of the chart what was hiding is now in plain sight.  All aspects of government that were carried on behind closed doors will come into public view. The Obama administration which has boasted it would be the "most transparent" government will be forced to actually BE transparent, and forced to reveal its actions.

Uranus in the first house - Planets in the first house in an Ingress chart are of primary importance and have tremendous influence.
In a nation's chart, Uranus here suggests the desire for more freedom, individualism, and free-market enterprise.  Square Pluto, political tensions arise.


Happy Independence Day July 4th, USA

Happy Labor Day September 2nd, USA

Have a safe and happy summer! Marley


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