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The Summer Solstice, 2011*
June 21, 2011 - 1:16:30 pm EDT
by Kaye Shinker

* The Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere occurs June 21, 1:16:30 pm EDT,
or 17:16:30 GMT - Universal Time/ Greenwich Mean Time.
In the Northern hemisphere the June 21 Solstice is the longest day (and shortest night!) of the year;
However, June 21, 2010 is the Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere and it is the shortest day (and longest night!) of the year there.

Click for Printable Chart

The Summer Solstice occurs Tuesday June 21, 2011 at 1:16:30 pm EDT, Washington D.C.

Predictions and an Economic Overview of the Three Months Ahead

For your own score card, click this link to "Countdown to 2012" and print the list of astrological phenomena.

Happy Independence Day July 4th

Happy Labor Day September 5th

The Summer Solstice Sun is at the top of the chart promising an emphasis on leadership, business and international investments.  Sun trine Neptune foretells transitions of leadership worldwide as age begins to exhaust some and awkward scandals take out others.  Corporations need to replace their CEOs as well as CIOs. Expect new leadership in various bureaucracies as mandatory retirements become effective.

Mercury leads into a grand cross, therefore expect that communications prior to the solstice event will be difficult and most likely related to weather challenges.

Now is a good time to check your pantry, and refill your first aide kit.

Interesting spring weather has forced folks to relocate and reinvent their business. Everyone has been required to change their self-image and take responsibility for the changes they create in their environment.

Solar activity will begin to slow down in September, however it will continue to wreck havoc with communications equipment.  Jupiter and Uranus remain in Aries from the point of view of the Sun.  Be sure yours gadgets are safely plugged into battery backed surge protectors.

Jupiter moved into Taurus June 5 (link to article, Jupiter in Taurus)

Taurus sectors for investors are in the spotlight.   Also consider that those things in short supply are the sectors ruled by Aquarius and Scorpio. Check the Textbook for Financial Astrology for instructions on the topic Jupiter Square. (Lesson 10 on page 25 of Book #3 )

Long Void of Course Moons

Throughout the past few months, students at Astrological Investing have noted some rather long void of course Moons during the trading day.  Their conclusion is that a long void of course Moon will indicate a volatile market with dramatic ups or downs in the Index averages.  With Neptune at zero Pisces and the other planets in early degrees of their sign, we will find a few dates with a long VOC Moon.  

Check your calendar if you are trading in Australia or London time zones; these calendars are posted on the blog (link to our monthly posted calendars at   

For New York, VOC moon time periods for the entire trading day are: June 22, July 6, July 8, July 12, July 15, July 29, August 2, August 10, August 15 and 16, and August 25.  Lesson 1 The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 explains the hazards of VOC Moon in detail.

July 1 Solar Eclipse at 9 Cancer

This is a rather strange eclipse for those who follow the eclipse cycles. It is the first one in Saros Cycle #156. The eclipse will not be visible since it takes place in the Indian Ocean near the Antarctic during their three months of no daylight. Political and economic events during the next six months will repeat when this cycle reforms during the next few thousand years.

July 7 Jupiter trine Pluto at 6 Taurus

This is a rather insignificant factor for traders but does have an optimistic flavor to it as new leadership moves into various corporate offices. The transit is applying for several days building, adding to optimisim around the world markets.

July 10 Uranus retrograde at 4 Aries

Uranus gives us a sudden radical change.  He tends to be rebellious and disruptive taking things in a new and unexpected direction. About 4 days before the exact retrograde Uranus reverses the market trend.  Following the Rx motion 80% of the time the markets creep up.

August 3 Mercury retrograde at 1 Virgo

Mercury Rx is an excellent time to schedule vacation. Excellent adventures are promised, but be sure to pack any carry-on luggage carefully. During a Mercury Rx the markets slide up and down only to return to where they started 90% of the time.

During the Mercury Rx it is best to avoid purchases of items over $20.  It is not a good idea to sign contracts, or purchase big ticket items.  It is a time to do things that start with “re .  Example: read, recycle, repair, restore...

August 26 Mercury Direct at 18 Leo - YEAH!

August 30 Jupiter retrograde at 10 Taurus

Jupiter Rx rarely signals a trend change.  Jupiter returns to the early degrees of Taurus bringing a renewed interest in banking and financial services.  Difficult weather patterns in the Spring have generated a great deal of speculation in commodity stocks.  At this point in time harvests are counted.  Jupiter in Taurus usually brings an abundance of corn and beans, therefore expect a lower price. (Review the article on the web site, Jupiter in Taurus )

September 16 Pluto direct at 4 Capricorn

The direct motion of Pluto indicates a trend reversal and since it is very close to the Jupiter station the trend reversal will become apparent about a week before the Pluto station is exact. Purchase those equities that are high on your priority list.  Double check all of their astrological and technical charts before committing your cash.

September 21 Fall Equinox

Chart Analysis: (Refer to chart above)

Summer Solstice Sun appears on the Midheaven

The focus of attention throughout the summer will be on leadership.  New CEO’s have brought in their new teams and will initiate changes throughout the various companies.  Now is a good time to read their Press Releases to evaluate new ideas emanating from the changes at management level.

Mercury appears in the 10th House

Communications are the focus of attention.  Weather or possible solar flares interfere with transmissions of messages.  Information technicians will have to work a lot of extra hours to keep their companies in touch with customers and suppliers.  Mercury is part of a grand square that is threatening the stability of various communications devises.

Saturn appears in the 1st House

Folks are working hard and adding to the economy. Corporations are convinced that it is best to continue their frugal ways as they spend their income. The best possible investment equities will have excellent cash reserves and a history of increasing dividends.  Growth equities are out of fashion.  If you ever considered being an Angel Investor, (a private investor who gives start up cash in return for shares in the company) now is the time to investigate this alternative investment.  Saturn in the first forces everyone to think "realistic".

Pluto appears in the 4th House

There is a call for adventure and it is insistent. Folks are ready to defend their position on any topic. Governments and their suppliers continue to be pressed to diminish their work force. Weather is a problem and suggest it is a good idea to make sure you have emergency preparations on hand.

Neptune appears in the 5th House

Taking a risk is fashionable. Casinos and Race Tracks will increase their profit margins.The commodities and currency markets are very volatile. Watch out for August's Mercury Rx in Leo, it is rather difficult for gamblers.  It is possible to have fun betting $2 to show on a horse with long odds.

Moon appears in the 6th House

The public is creating jobs in never before imagined industries.

It is amazing the creative and ingenious ideas that capture the imagination of customers who are willing to part with a few bucks to try new ideas. My current suggestion is cargo pants with velcro pocket flaps that play iTunes when unfastened. : ))

Uranus appears in the 7th House

The Sun will make an exact square to Uranus in a few days suggesting that now is a good time to discuss partnerships at every level.  In the process it is a good idea to take notes. You might also have some fun investing a few bucks in an outrageous project or business. Remember this little devise was an outrageous idea 30 years ago.

Venus appears in the 9th House

People are indulging in local travel, reading and taking advantage of inexpensive learning opportunities. International trade will find new customers with clever ads penetrating the less expensive communications devises.

Jupiter appears in the 8th House

Paperwork rules the summer.  Insurance claims are multiplying like rabbits.  The proliferation of claims will stress the personnel working in the industry as well as the price of insurance equities. Readers are advised to make multiple copies of any claim you may submit

Mars appears in the 8th House

Energy will be focused on Insurance and taxes.  A proliferation of Insurance claims demand additional employees at every level of the insurance business. Tax codes in many states have changed dramatically. If you have a start up business, now is a good time to check the various requirements and tax liabilites of the various states. These states will compete feverishly to attract new businesses especially those companies involved in transportation and communications.

Kaye Shinker


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