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The Summer Solstice, 2010*
June 21, 2010 - 7:28 am EDT
by Kaye Shinker

* The Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere occurs June 21, 07:28 am EDT (11:28 GMT - Universal Time or Greenwich Mean Time). This marks June 21 as the longest day (and shortest night!) of the year, however, it is the shortest day (and longest night!) of the year in the Southern hemisphere. June 21, 2010 is the Winter Solstice in the Southern hemisphere.

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The Summer Solstice will occur exactly on June 21, 2010 7:28:25 am EDT in Washington D.C.

Predictions:  The Economic Overview of the Three Months Ahead

Restart and Reboot

World wide this promises to be a long hot summer. Place the Solstice chart over the chart of your country and you will be able to see the challenges your citizens will encounter.

Think about what would cause you to hit the restart button on the computer. Now what happens? You wait for the whole system to reboot.

For the USA it appears the public has been hood-winked by some very clever folks. Every sector of society has hood-winked every other sector. Neptune continues to hover over the USA Moon. The light of the Summer Solstice Sun will shine on one scandal after another and the reaction of the American public will be to shoot first (usually verbally) and ask questions later. Rhetoric from the public is very angry. (blog)

You will notice, if you scroll down only looking at the bold type, 14 planetary phenomena are discussed in this article. In the Text book for Financial Astrology 3 you will find the Incorporation and IPO charts for the 30 Dow stocks.  Each company in the Dow 30 charts has planets between 2 and 5 degrees.  Not one company will escape the power of planetary aspects during the long hot summer!  Every company will have to reorganize their business plan and rewrite their goals.

I'm fairly optimistic concerning the plethora of phenomena.  These are "Do Something" aspects and I think planets in early degrees cardinal are sounding a very loud 'wake up call'.  Our first realization is the importance of our existing interlocking systems.  The second is these systems are operating inefficiently.  The third is change is required immediately, and change is coming from very unexpected sources.

Economists and media are looking in all the wrong places for economic growth.  Folks who rely on their reports will be hoodwinked.

Will the markets tank?  Yes!  Will bonds tank? Yes!  Will the currencies tank? Yes!  Will commodities tank? Yes! All at the same time?  Maybe!   Most of our fellow astrologers are scared skinny.  These are exciting times. Keep your eyes open, there is a bull market out there.

June 26 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 Capricorn Conjunct Pluto

This is probably the date closest to the Summer high for the markets.  Commodities in particular have seen their best prices and many traders will start to consider closing out their trades. 

Headlines concerning natural disasters prevail.  Solar activity including solar flares may be the direct cause of the problem.  The Spring Equinox brought enough natural disasters to keep everyone busy and this Lunar eclipse promises to add a few dozen. 

It is a rare eclipse with the Moon conjunct Pluto where human error is the primary cause of accidents. (In 1986 a similar Lunar eclipse gave us Chernobyl.)

July 5 Uranus Moves Retrograde at Zero Aries

Uranus slides around the ecliptic on his side something like a bowling ball with a terrific spin. The planet of sudden change will spend another 8 weeks in Aries.  The sign Aries likes to initiate action and always wants to be the first one in line.  Aries is also fearless and ready to sponsor every new idea.  Everyone is ready for change and knocking down the tenpins standing in the way is really a pretty good idea.  Markets will notice the businesses are hoarding their cash, while using every free/cheap marketing tool available to promote their new offerings/products.  Business will pay cash while they accumulate the supplies/raw materials needed to continue manufacturing products.  Banks will fail to earn interest income, therefore they will continue to increase their fees.

July 11 The New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse

The eclipse directly effects the public opinion of the Dollar. Whether it is deflationary or inflationary, the dollar’s value will change.  Inflation might pay off the debt, but it puts every worker in a new tax bracket. Fixed income folks will be upset, and likely to blame the Government, the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and Wall Street.

The path of an eclipse tends to leave a rip in the earth's magnetic shield.  Solar flares may penetrate the rip in the earth’s protective shield leaving many areas, especially around the ring of fire, vulnerable to natural disasters.  The path of this eclipse is over the South Pacific, stretching from New Zealand to Chili, with total visibility on Easter Island (Rapa Nui) It bodes further difficulties with Earthquakes, volcanic activity, tsunamis and the area where El Niño forms. The area is in winter season, therefore agriculture is unlikely to have problems.

Vacations are an excellent idea

Financial astrologers, traders and investors should consider that the grouping of planetary cycles culminating in a short period of time can be very dangerous to your wallet.  These cycles are all connected to Capricorn which is the sign of big business and government.  Jupiter and Uranus in Aries indicates that new products are quickly taking over markets and changing our perception of how work gets done. Nimble cash rich companies will adjust.  Those with multiple layers of management will suffer.  A similar event happened in the early 1990’s when the PC changed everyone’s lifestyle.  This product revolution will be quicker.

Weather is the main topic of conversation and this includes Space-weather.  Notice below there are 14 important aspects in 7 weeks.  Astrologers have been warning everyone about this time period for years. When these aspects occur alone they have a reputation for instituting dramatic change.  Fourteen occur in a short period of time.  Dramatic change is a very calm way to describe this summer's aspects.  This is a global phenomena.  Markets tend to consider change means nasty, cruel, and vicious.

July 21 Saturn Returns to Libra

Markets seem to prefer to creep up when Saturn moves into Libra, but this time the volume trends will be low. Retail will once again be under pressure to appeal to buyers with a unique taste in fashion. The suggestion is longer skirts in layers.  Retail will find their customers favorite colors are the metallic versions of gold, silver and copper. (read article, Saturn In Libra)

July 23 Jupiter moves Retrograde at 3 Aries

Throughout this week market volume is very slow.  Traders are nervous and unlikely to take a position for more than an hour.  Usually the market turns and goes in the opposite direction during the week leading up to the exact date of Jupiter retrograde.  It is a good idea to take a vacation close to home during the last two weeks of July and the first two weeks of August.

July 25 Jupiter square Pluto at 3 Aries/Capricorn

Myriads of scandals are exposed close to the exact date.  The aspect is square the USA Venus, setting up extreme rule changes for the income earned by the professional classes.  Investors will begin a sell off of blue chip stocks if they perceive tax policies to be unfair.  Traders can count on a volatile market throughout the next 10 days where their wits will be rewarded.  

The next 20 days will find the double bottom. The exact date should appear in this time frame and indicates a turning point in the market.

July 26 Saturn opposed Uranus at zero Libra/Aries

This is the final opposition.  The first one was November 4, 2008.  The previous four oppositions seem to have forced political changes.  Usually changes in government policy spills into the markets.  As to space weather, each opposition has produced interesting coronal mass ejections.  The April 2010 opposition produced oil spills (careless behavior), earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  The accounting side of every business will find their governments rewriting the rules.  Here is where you start looking for stocks and new IPO’s that benefit from the Smart Grid or provide home grown electricity. (read Uranus in Aries article)

August 3 Jupiter square Pluto

Headline scandals in the Financial Markets continue.  It has been 9 days since the previous Jupiter/Pluto square.  The domino effect continues.  The American public is now positive they have been hoodwinked and their displeasure with “Wall Street” will spill over to markets world wide.  A few international markets will escape and we will do our best to keep you alert as to which ones on the blog.

August 4 Mars square Pluto at 3 degrees Libra/ Capricorn

Mars adds fuel to the firestorm that is brewing. The problems of Enron, Worldcom, Bernie Madoff, Lehman Brothers were the tip of the iceberg.  The charts for the Dow 30 are available in the Textbooks. (You also can purchase just the Dow charts separately if you so desire.) Take your red pen and go through them, circling planets that are between 2 and 5 degrees.  This will give you an idea of the magnitude of the problems.

August 14 Uranus returns to Pisces

(refer to web site article, Uranus in Aries, for more information)

Uranus returns to Pisces for the next six months to give us the creativity to invent our way out of the oil, chemical and pharma problems. His deadline is March 12, 2011. The issues are phenomenally difficult, but Uranus will do the job. It is your job to keep an investors eye open for the extraordinary work being accomplished by ordinary folks who are finding a need and filling it.

August 16 Jupiter opposed Saturn at 2 degrees Aries/Libra

This is the classic W.D.Gann aspect Victor explains in his book. It also has a habit of increasing Sun Spot activity is the web site you need to watch daily. You are looking for Solar Flares that form an arc. These are the ones with the power to kill satellites, electrical grids, and ignite Auroras.  Weather is a primary factor in all markets, therefore keep your investments in areas where general needs are the greatest.

August 20-September 11 Mercury Retrograde at 5 degrees Virgo

If you can take a vacation, now is the time.  If not, use your days off for fun with friends and family. The usual warning to avoid buying anything that costs more than $15.   It is a good idea to repair, read and relax. Lock you credit cards in a vault and research all major purchases you plan to make.

August 21 Saturn square Pluto at 2 degrees Libra/Capricorn.

The pressure is beginning to subside on some markets but it is still difficult to make money. Corporate structures are changing their cultures rapidly and leaders are retiring as quickly as their resignations are accepted. Earned income is a problem throughout the country and dollars are stretched. This is the mid-point of hurricane season in our neighborhood (South Louisiana, Houston) We have been prepared for weeks. I recommend everyone consider our lists. Double check your reserves and hopefully none of it is required in your neighborhood. We had snow here last winter. Local wisdom predicts winter snow is a sign of a difficult hurricane season.

September 9 Jupiter returns to Pisces until January 22, 2011

(Refer to Web site article, Jupiter in Pisces)

Pisces creative powers probably need a little tweaking by the return of Jupiter.  This will help the markets and bring up the price of oil and transportation stocks.  Technology will benefit with introductions of new toys for the Holiday markets.  Therefore, expect a recovery in the NASDAQ.

September 12 Mercury Direct YEAH!

September 14 Pluto Direct at 2 Capricorn

Statistically this is a market reversal, and in this case, it is probably to the upside.  Volatility will be strong as well with a number of traders returning to the floor with cash to spend.  Investors are less likely to return. Often the equinox is the turn in the markets, therefore expect to go bargain shopping and this could be a time when your research pays off.  Take notes.

September 19 Jupiter conjunct Uranus at 28 Pisces

This is very optimistic for the markets, and usually signals a temporary high.  Best to be prepared with stops top and bottom.  Expect to have an opportunity to sell a few dogs that have cluttered up your portfolio.

September 22 11:09 pm Autumn Equinox

The T square appears to be rough but changes in management in businesses large and small will have folks working and feeling pretty good about their accomplishments.  A lot of folks now find themselves self-employed. It’s OK, invest in yourself.

Chart Analysis: (Refer to chart above)

The Summer Solstice Sun in the 12th house

The Sun foretells trouble and disgrace to prominent officials, especially those involved in charities and trade schools.  Misspent funds and difficulties with personnel are the problem.  Solutions are difficult to enforce. Illegal immigration and corporate compliance with the legal requirements will continue to make headlines as systemic problems pop up everywhere.

Mercury in the 12th house

Comet McNaught is flying through our solar system and historically comets have a very bad reputation for exposing the limitations of humanity.  His position is 20 degrees Gemini conjunct the Mercury of the Summer Solstice.  The prediction is that communications will become very difficult.  Our cherished telecommunications gadgets could require serious repairs.

Libelous scandals concerning management of institutions are confirmed by whistle blowers and feed the Financial News headlines.  Most of the scandals concern abuse of perks provided by governments, institutions and corporations. Reporters see it as a tumbling house of cards.

Venus in the 1st house

In spite of all the difficult news people are earning money and sharing their skills.  They feel good and they are having fun with young folks.  People are changing their business costume and hair cuts to less expensive styles.

Mars in the 3rd house

Energy is focused on education including classes at home or online.  Mechanics and folks who repair vehicles will be busy. Changes in the world of energy have people nervous about spending money on new machines.

Saturn in the 3rd house

This indicates a falling off of trade, probably the result of erratic weather.  Publishing isn't dead it has just moved to the 11th house of internet communications.  People will pay for a good story.

Moon in the 4th house

Changeable weather conditions prevail.  It is a good idea to have a portable radio tuned to the local weather station.  People are moving their households around the country.  Summer crops are threatened.

Pluto in the 6th House

Employment is a problem, especially in the service industry.  The counting method to determine the number of employed and unemployed is seriously flawed.  Folks are busy learning about becoming contract workers. Health care scandals abound.  Watch your local health care institutions for all sorts of unacceptable violations of procedures.

Pluto is opposed to the Sun and setting up a grand square that includes Jupiter and Saturn.  Pluto is doing his best to challenge everyone to work, work, work.  It does not matter to Pluto that you feel sick, queasy or need to see the dentist. He says, "get out there and scrub, pick up, dust and take care of all of the projects you need to accomplish".  The challenges must be met and the focus is for you (Sun) to “get ‘er done”

Neptune in the 8th House

Neptune is trine the Sun and Moon making a grand trine.  Marlene and I are really hoping this bodes well for the awful situation with the oil in the Gulf of Mexico.  We are hoping that it gives the experts some very good ideas of ways to fix the problems and clean up the mess. For everyone it should help you think of very creative ideas and ways to do your work efficiently.  Taxes are chaotic and no one knows for sure what their tax liability will be in the year to come.  Collection of debts will also be confusing.  Not a good idea to lend money this summer.

Uranus in the 9th House

Uranus is also part of the grand square telling us that air travel, higher education, and foreign trade will change, and these changes are dramatic as they will happen quickly.  Uranus presages problems with electrical equipment and continuing strange explosions.  The result could be some very interesting scientific breakthroughs.

Jupiter in the 9th House

Disputes between folks involved in the export trades will escalate making them very difficult for financial experts to reach a compromise.  Currency continues to be the over riding issue in trade disputes.  There is a very good chance that solar flares will find satellites to zap.  Space weather is a huge problem with satellite outages causing loss of voice and data transmissions.

Chiron is located retrograde in the 8th house at 00° 50' Pisces (Chiron is not pictured in the above chart,
as I do not usually cover Chiron; however I've added this bit of information...)

In horse racing every horse must pass a rigorous drug test before they are allowed to compete in a race, and after the race is finished.  If the horse fails the test the penalties are severe.  The reason for these tests is a public that believed the business was rigged in favor of certain stables and trainers.  The public voted by failing to show up at the betting window.  Fewer bets, smaller purses, and the horseman determined the reason and ordered every horse must submit to the tests.  Self regulation is proceeding with success. Veterinarians however lost income.  I've lived this story and know that the same story has to play in every market.  Chiron moving into Pisces and appearing in the 8th house during the summer should insist that the horse racing story filters into the equities and bond markets.

Kaye Shinker


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