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The Summer Solstice, 2009*
June 21, 2009 - 8:00 pm EDT, Washington, D.C.
by Kaye Shinker

*The Sun at it's most northerly declination, marks this day as the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. 
 In the Southern Hemisphere it is just the opposite.  June 21, 05:45 UT (Universal Time or Greenwich Mean Time) marks the longest day (and shortest night!) of the year in the Northern hemisphere, and the shortest day (and longest night!) of the year in the Southern hemisphere.

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The Summer Solstice will occur exactly on June 21, 2009 1:45:32 am EDT in Washington D.C.

The economic overview of the three months ahead

This is the summer of basic economic changes. Big businesses will continue to downsize and spin off their subsidiaries. Small business will become Micro business, folks are moving off the grid wherever possible and refusing to buy with credit at the company store. It is time to watch the little ones play, enjoy the countryside and listen to the music of the air.

June 22, July 21, and August 20 there will be a New Moon that is a super New Moon or the Moon is perigee.  Perigee means closest to the earth and the harbinger of super high tides. If you live at the Northern Latitudes the Super high tides are a dramatic show. There is a close correlation of super Moons and news making earthquakes as well as volcanic activity. At the moment the ring of fire is very volatile, but so is the Mediterranean area.

July 10 is the #2 conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune.   Jupiter, the God of Thunder, loves to create storms with his brother Neptune. Therefore, expect a generous supply of water pouring from the skies.

They are in Aquarius and ready to help all sorts of tech stocks as well as every new invention ready to come to market.  Wireless technical devises have great consumer appeal and with children home from school they will have time to help their parents and grandparents purchase and adjust to wireless technology.

Optimistic markets during the summer months

June, July and August should find the market averages gradually increasing in price and volume as people begin to feel confident that the economy has reached a plateau.  Pay close attention to your personal purchases. Quality and guarantees are your primary concern.

Most industries have exhausted their inventories and those of you looking for employment may find temporary jobs as these companies begin to return to last years production schedules.  

Housing will continue to be a problem because demographics do not support an increase in supply. The same demographics do not support new car purchases. The baby boomlet is almost 18.  They will not buy a new car for several years and they are likely to pay cash for all purchases. They have heard the old Johnny Cash song lyrics "I owe my soul to the company store" and substituted the words credit card and have learned a lesson from their parents.

In many ways it is a quiet and joyous summer.  The emphasis is on working on your own projects and playing with friends.  Take advantage of every sunny day and get your massive dose of Vitamin D.   Find some friends and take a walk, dig up the weeds in your garden, or hang out at the beach.  Keep your entertainment expenses as low as possible. Throughout the past year I have advised you all in Fiscal Cents; “Save your money in a piggy bank or a savings account. “ Summer should help you find a way to invest your cash in projects that will benefit your own bottom line.

Solar Eclipse

The solar eclipse takes place July 22 and will be visible over China as well as the Ring of Fire. "The weather of that day will stay that way" is the Aphorism for the solar eclipse.  In Cancer, the eclipse forecasts a time when people in the region will focus on home and family.  Folks in this region will take extra time to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Eclipses in Cancer and Capricorn tend to put an emphasis on dramatic change in home, family and small business.  Small businesses may develop a new name, "Micro Business", meaning that they sell products beyond their local area, but have few if any employees.

Mercury will be retrograde from September 7-29.  No outer planets change signs.

September will be rough

The aspect that is ready to upset the economy, turn it inside out and run backwards is once again the Saturn Uranus opposition. Traders should have stops firmly in place before pressing the button to buy anything.

Heliocentric opposition of Saturn and Uranus will be in effect as these planets move into an exact opposition September 2, 2009, and the geocentric opposition September 15,2009.

The opposition tends to force a reality check on the markets. Opposition #1 was the financial stocks, opposition #2 took down the autos. There are a number of candidates for opposition #3, #4 and #5.   I would suggest commercial real estate, energy, and pharma.   A change in footwear, music and dancing styles could cause an upheaval in these industries as well.  There are a few more candidates for the reality check such as accounting rules, food and nutrition regulations, and medical services regulations suggested by Saturn in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces.  Governments will not have the funds or the political will to rescue them.  The problem with these oppositions is demand destruction.  Folks do not like the rules to change and therefore they put their money in a piggy bank and wait for the dust to settle.

These oppositions occur while Mercury is retrograde and conjunct Saturn and the Sun. The optimistic view is that the economy hits the reset button. The pessimistic view is the hard drive crashes and the only solution is to wipe it clean and reboot it with all new programs.  Hopefully this can be done, going back to the abacus will require some training.

Solar Flares (read the article by Kaye Shinker written for LLewellyn magazine)
I have studied the astrological charts of previous Solar flares and from the heliocentric point of view conjunctions and oppositions of the outer planets presage high activity. These conjunctions and oppositions are in the charts of dangerous solar flares.  Sun Spots have been at a minimum for the past three years and this pattern may continue to bring a cooling cycle to planet earth’s weather. However, to produce a solar flare all you need are several Sun Spots colliding with each other.  These flares are dangerous when they take direct aim at planet Earth.  They melt radio communications, space stations, satellites,and electric grids. It is doubtful that a well aimed solar flare could send us all back to the Dark Ages, but we would all be severely inconvenienced.

The Solstice Chart

The Sun appears in the 3rd house of the Solstice
Transportation and communications are the focus of attention throughout the summer. Since it is opposed Pluto edicts will come from governments explaining the new rules of the road as well as the various devises permitted on your vehicle. The result is a lot of unintended consequences with vehicle operators ignoring most of the edicts.  Demand destruction returns.  Folks consider their car a portable castle/office and do not appreciate the extension of the laws and therefore limit their driving.  Supply and demand will return to bring the price of oil down.

Advertising has always been a challenge, but this challenge requires unprecedented ingenuity.
Communications will also be under severe stress. Another case of demand destruction spilling over into the economy. Entrepreneurs have spent the last six months trying to discern which advertisements work for their business. Their ad dollars are crucial to the success of their business as well as local media. Advertising dollars are in short supply since business is always frugal when seeking new venues for their ad budget. Media outlets unable to attract a viable audience will loose sponsors and money.

Saturn in the 6th foretells tremendous challenges to the healthcare industry.
‘Chicken Little’ of swine flu fame has threatened the credibility of government health departments.  Public servants are considered suspicious,  and the public is using a microscope to look at the ways government spends tax dollars.  The public feels healthy and vibrant and sees no reason for pushing health care. Medicine gets in the way of living.

Jupiter and Neptune are conjunct in the 11th
Boards of Directors, whether public or private, are taking control of their companies and declaring dividends whenever possible anticipating tax consequences for 2010.  Now is the time to distribute profits.  Also they are spinning off parts of their companies to achieve cash value for the shareholders.  This will take a bit of creativity.

Saturn opposes Uranus from the 6th to the 12th.
What is hidden from the statisticians is the demographics of baby boomers divesting themselves of their material possessions and the baby bust of the sixties, seventies and eighties unable to absorb their cast offs. It is a time when a million households form and more than a million downsize. Hidden forces cause a sudden change in past economic patterns. This concept is best demonstrated with population graphs and I share the one published by Investors Business Daily at all of my lectures.

We have discussed Pluto in the 9th as a problem for advertising
Pluto likes the 9th house because he is an excellent researcher of strangeness. He suggests strange problems abroad with foreign trade policies, religion and legal issues as well as countries saber rattling their atomic weapons.


Did Ferdinand make it to the Madrid airport?

While in Spain, Marley visited Ferdinand and told him how anxious Goldilocks was for him to visit her at the home of the Three Bears on Wall Street.  Ferdinand explained that British companies were moving to Spain because of the high taxes in England.  He believed that the Spanish economy would improve quickly.  Therefore he expected an abundant supply of flowers.

Marley promised him an open end return trip ticket. Together they were able to arrange for his visa.  And then Marley was off to London to personally verify Ferdinand's report on the British economy. While there she hopes to find time to watch the Wimbledon matches!

Kaye Shinker


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