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Using Technical Analysis to Find a Profitable Buy Point

by Randall Ashbourne

When we know a stock has some good transits coming up over the next few months – or belongs to a sector where it can be expected to rise because of the impact of mundane Jupiter or Saturn, according to the principles laid out in Kaye Shinker’s Textbook for Financial Astrology– we can use technical analysis to help find a profitable Buy point.

The safest, and potentially most profitable, buy-in points are when the stock’s price is just beginning to bounce upwards from a trend line, or support line.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at Del Monte Foods Co (NYSE:DLM) – one of the stocks suggested for inclusion in Astrological Investing’s Virtual Stock Club.

DLM - weekly chart

We will look first at the stock’s weekly chart to try to get an idea of where it is within its own cycles. Normally, we would use the monthly chart, but as a relatively young listing DLM doesn’t have enough monthly history behind it to prove helpful. (Click here to download a PDF file of all charts)*

All the monthly chart is telling us is that the stock has been range-bound for quite some time.

But, even just a quick glance at the weekly chart tells us that we’re looking at a potential profit-spinner. DLM is starting to bounce not just from a support line, but also from a long-term trend line. And we’re getting a clear signal of positive divergence from the CCI indicator.

We’ll zoom in for a closer look.
DLM weekly - closer look

We can see quite clearly now that the CCI does not agree with the price declines of the past few months – and that the MACD line is starting to show signs of turning back up.

So, not only do we know the stock price is rebounding from an intersection of a trend and support line … and that our technical indicators are telling us it is oversold and are pointing towards a resurgence … but we also know the astrological climate is for a period of expansion and easy growth directly ahead.

The next step is take a look at the stock’s daily chart.

DLM daily chart

And now we’re getting even clearer indications that, technically speaking, DLM is getting ready for a potential rally.

It is breaking free from the downtrend channel it has been locked in – and the positive divergence on the CCI and MACD, which have been making higher lows, while the price has continued to hit lower lows, becomes even more obvious.

Technically, we are getting definite Buy signals … and from a significant low point in the stock’s historic price.


Randall Ashbourne is a former journalist and political strategist with Uranus almost exactly conjunct his Ascendant.  His life has been full of sudden shifts.  He came to Astrology in the early 1990s after waking up one morning in the middle of a MidLife Crisis, a phenomenon in which he didn't actually believe.  Trying to get to the bottom of what was happening - he has Mercury in Scorpio - he consulted an astrologer ... and became hooked.  A decade later, as both transiting Saturn and his Progressed Moon were descending through his 12th House towards a conjunction with Uranus, and with transiting Jupiter conjuncting his first house Pluto, life changed dramatically once again. Realising that with his natal chart ruler, the Moon, his natal Sun ruler, Jupiter, and Saturn all now lined up for an extended sojourn in the "obscure" sector of his personal roadmap, he began casting around for something to do far away from a more public life.  Consulting his chart and pondering a natal Mercury trine Uranus, as well as Saturn in Scorpio, he decided he really ought to be able to trade the stock market.  And started using his knowledge of astrology to do exactly that.  Along the way, he discovered that astrology didn't answer all his questions about the stock market's gyrations and began delving deeply into technical analysis, getting buried under a pile of Gann plans and getting strung out on Fibonacci sequences.  But, while those studies satisfied the cravings of his Scorpio Mercury, they also ran counter to the basic needs of his Gemini Jupiter - that "knowledge" should be widespread and expressed in a way that's easy to understand.  In truth, Randall is in love with all his personal planetary placements - and he'd need to be after undergoing a major Pluto transit to every other planet in his chart, most of them conjunctions! He refers to his Virgo Moon chart ruler as "Miss Prissy" and to his Gemini Jupiter as "the Fat Boy who won't shut up".


*Charts created using Quick Harmonic Trader Software, by P.A.S. Astro-Soft, Inc. makers of Galactic Investor Astrology software.

All of the written material and graphics are copyrighted by and Randall Ashbourne. Unless otherwise noted, written material and graphics may not be reproduced without written permission.


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