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Neptune's Red Flag Alert - March 2008
by Kaye Shinker

While I was researching Bear Sterns I looked at Goldman Sachs' chart, and as I was typing along, Abby Joseph Cohen came on CNBC today (March 20, 2008).

Experience suggests that a company will send out a top girl followed in a few weeks by the CEO to reassure the investing public. Is this a corporate Red Flag?

So I revisited the charts. My investment experience suggests that checking both the incorporation and IPO dates of the companies on the various stock exchanges is a profitable idea.

With the excellent research of my Chicago stock club, we have discovered some of Neptune's Red Flags. (You can read the details in Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 2, pg. 28)*

I cannot find the Greek/Roman myth that explains why, but for some reason Neptune hates Mercury. When it comes to financial astrology any aspect to Mercury from Neptune causes trouble.

One of the first things one should look for in a company chart is to see if any planets are conjunct the degree of the current eclipse. If the eclipse does not hit a planet by conjunction, we continue our analysis of the company's chart.

Our stock club has learned from experience to look for Neptune's aspects. Therefore, we look to see if transiting Neptune will make an aspect to Mercury. Squares to the incorporation or IPO's charts planets are awful, oppositions are not good for price and conjunctions, and sextiles and trines are warnings. The best thing to do is just to move on to the next stock on your list.

In the case of Goldman Sachs, the eclipse falls on Uranus in the IPO chart (May 4, 1999). Statistically this suggests a 50/50 chance of a fall in price; and if you were looking to buy the stock for the long term you would probably skip it for now. Not worth the risk until the next eclipse in August when you might catch a low.

For example: In 2007, the IPO chart for Goldman Sachs had transiting Neptune sextile Mercury in April and May. This was followed by a $50 decline in price that ended August. The Neptune aspect was not exact but was followed by transiting Saturn trine Mercury, and the Moon. According to the ancient astrologers Saturn aspects are not profitable.

March 8, 2008, transiting Neptune made an exact sextile to the IPO Mercury with the price down $100 from its November 2007 high. Will transiting Neptune effect the price of Goldman Sachs shares with a further price decline?

It is time for a closer look. The GS incorporation chart is July 21, 1998.

The opposition of transiting Neptune to the GS incorporation Mercury begins in April 2008 and ends in 2009. Goldman Sachs could begin another price decline. However, there are some excellent Jupiter aspects to the Sun of both GS charts in late 2008, and sometimes Jupiter bails the company out of problems, or sometimes he just expands the problems.

Ok, What happened to Bear Sterns?

First, the February eclipse was conjunct Jupiter in both the incorporation chart (Dec. 21, 1985) and the IPO chart (Oct. 29,1985). Not good. Statistically that's a good reason to go onto the next chart. However, we could take a peek at the Neptune transits to make sure we will not miss a bargain.

Were there any Neptune aspects setting up a Red Flag in the Bear Sterns' charts?

Mythology tells us that Saturn ate his children including Neptune. We might guess that the myths were telling us to be aware of aspects between Saturn and Neptune.

First, transiting Neptune made a sextile to Venus on March 12, 2008 in the IPO chart, which is red flag warning to look at the incorporation chart.

The incorporation chart has transiting Saturn trine Neptune from March 7 through June 27,2008.

The IPO chart has transiting Saturn trine Neptune from Feb 10 through June 1, 2008. Also, transiting Pluto is conjunct Neptune from February 10 through May 26; but that will be true for all companies who issued their IPO's in late 1985.

Late 1985 is another Red Flag for investors! Pluto may not be kind to companies with a Capricorn stellium.

Kaye Shinker

Astrologicalinvesting uses Michael Munkasey's Company Data. The data includes the times and places for the companies mentioned above.

*You can purchase Kaye Shinker's Textbook for Financial Astrology and Michael Munkasey's Company Data at our astrological investing shopping page.)

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