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by Kaye Shinker

The Spring Equinox and an Overview of the Three Months Ahead

Spring Equinox, Saturday, March 20, 2010 1:33 p.m. EDT Washington D.C.

Spring Equinox, 2009, Washington D.C.

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This is the point where we mark the beginning of the New Industrial/Technological Revolution. Open your kitchen cabinets and take a bunch of photo's, print the best ones and hide them between the pages of a book you won't give away. Ten years from now you will have a good laugh when you dust off the book.

The Ring of Fire will remain very active throughout 2010

The super moons do not occur till fall, but the planets move into squares and oppositions causing a great deal of pressure on the Earth's extremely delicate crust.  Volcanic activity is another possibility, and it appears that is the problem along the Chilean Coast, the Caribbean as well as New Guinea.  Volcanic activity along the Washington-Oregon coast seems to favor Uranus in Aries as well as Saturn in Libra favors volcanic activity along the Washington-Oregon coast.

April 7 Pluto retrograde at 5 Capricorn

Statistically this reverses markets. If the trend has been up for the past month then it will go down, and if the trend is down for the past month then the market will go up and continue the trend until Pluto goes direct in September 14.  When Pluto went direct September 11, 2009 the Dow was at 9700. It has traded in the seven months following in a range of about 10%. up. At 10,400 the Dow average began to stall (less than a 2% change) and the past few months show the average between 10,200 and 10,800. The Pluto retrograde trend change now suggests a volatile market, therefore investors will have to pick stocks they have researched thoroughly. Pluto retrograde also indicates an excellent time to begin researching new businesses and products worthy of your investment.

April 7 Saturn returns to Virgo

Time to revisit really unsolved problems such as unemployment, unions, healthcare. We will see them in a new light and understand the need for practical solutions. Maybe various governments will decide that an increase in employed workers will add taxes to their coffers, and instead of throwing away borrowed money they will decrease taxes on the employers.

April 18 - May 11 Mercury retrograde

The statistics are 85% for this astrological market indicator.  We find the Dow ends the retrograde period within 2% of where it starts.  As a result, I recommend that traders take a vacation.  During Mercury retrograde it is a good idea to do things that begin with ”re”, for example, read and repair.

May 23 Jupiter opposed Saturn at 27 Pisces/ Virgo

Here we go on the first of Gann's classic alignments. Check Victor Ledeboer's book, The Master of Time, An Epos of W.D. Gann's Master Time Factor,  for his discussion of this basic Financial Astrology principle.   In
Virgo /Pisces we are looking at exposure of scandals in medicine, healthcare, food, energy, finance, and how government sponsored institutions work.

May 28 Uranus enters Aries

This is the big event for 2010.  We begin to hear the news of the buildup to the Summer swarm of challenges. Pluto warned us of the paradigm shift to Cardinal signs where there would be a complete revision in how institutions work.  Uranus in Aries tells us there is a shift in how machinery works. Throughout the next eight years there will be a very new and different way to make a wheel go around. It will start with home appliances and work its way up to airplanes. Today is a good day for you to start your subscriptions to financial newspapers and news sites.

Volcanic activity along the Washington-Oregon coast seems to favor Uranus in Aries as well as Saturn in Libra.

May 31, Neptune retrograde at 28 Aquarius

Usually this has little effect on the overall market, however Neptune is stationary on the USA Moon.  Americans are confused, bewildered, and underneath it all very creative.  The aspect continues for the next 18 months. Opportunities abound, and I highly recommend reading Investors Business Daily's IPO column during this period of time.  Keep your eyes open around your own neighborhood and observe what the teens (baby boomlets) are purchasing.  Consider computer chips designed to save power by generating their own while in use.

June 6 Jupiter enters Aries

All of the Textbooks for Financial Astrology contain lists of Aries sectors that will expand during the next twelve months.  New machinery is everywhere.  New ways of making a wheel turn are being invented daily. Check the toy market for ideas and don't forget to visit all the gadget stores and catalogues.  I just saw a toy called Bucky Balls that seems to have a future.  Here we also find new alloys of nickel, iron, aluminum with various phosphates.  Inventors will create new ways of making the same old thing.  Efficiency Plus is the key word for Aries.

June 8 Jupiter conjunct Uranus

When Jupiter leaves Pisces and enters Aries (June 6 ) corruption in government is brought to the attention of the public.  Applying to a conjunction with Uranus,  Jupiter will splash the news all over the internet days ahead of the print and cable media.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus at zero Aries - this is an 80% positive for the markets.  Remember, markets are ahead of the economy by about 6-8 months.

June 21 Summer Solstice

Jupiter has just passed the conjunction to Uranus and is moving away from an opposition with Saturn.  It seems like we are really able to see the forest for the trees.  Overseas markets are creating a new demand for our technology, and we are producing it as quickly as possible. These markets have a great deal of cash to invest in electronic toys and their emerging middle class is demanding quality products.  Folks who save their money for a specific item have been shopping and researching. Some have probably turned on their translators to check all of the discussions concerning the products they have in mind.

Around the Spring Equinox Chart

Here is where we find the specifics of the season ahead (see the chart above)

Mercury in the Tenth House

Communications with labor and employees is difficult for the CEO's because of underlying job safety and health insurance complaints.  Communications with the public seems to be better that expected. Corporate leaders will work at keeping folks informed about their products and services and will try various methods of directing the message to the female consumer through cell phones.

Venus in the Tenth House

Advertising will find local venues to sell products further refining their ability to target their audience.  Female management will make headlines often promoting their companies in rather interesting new ways.  Watch for IPO's in this arena of advertising.

Moon in the Eleventh House

Business headlines will discuss dividends and changes in the payouts to shareholders.  Technology companies will be forced to consider their shareholders and begin paying dividends.  Sales and spin offs of corporate subsidiaries will anticipate changes in tax laws.  Boards of Directors are reducing the number of acquisitions to focus on their core businesses. Numerous anticipated changes in the make up of local and national legislative bodies makes it difficult for planning the future of each corporation.

Mars in the First House

The population is energized and emerging from cabin fever.  Inexpensive entertainment venues will find happy visitors deluge their offerings.  Defense industries are earning money.  Inventions that were targeted for defense are modified for the consumer and promoted as energy saving devises.

Saturn in the Third House

The vehicle industry continues to have problems especially among the dealers.  Foreign trade continues to be problematic.  The problem of financing elementary education becomes an issue for public discussion. Technology continues to force changes in the delivery of educational materials. Cut backs could force one parent to stay at home and supervise the home school on their computer.

Pluto in the Sixth House

Uniformed employees are not pleased with their hourly wages. Government workers must accept pay cuts and/or layoffs. High unemployment continues, therefore the unhappiness of public employees will remain hidden. The paradigm shift continues to make changes as the nature of contracts with employers and employees changes.

Neptune in the Eighth House

Wrong time of year for taxes to be confusing. The public resents the necessity of asking for professional help to achieve an obligation they do not want to accomplish.  Consumer and sovereign debt continue to be an issue with only painful solutions.  Insurance is another problem as the industry is finding it difficult to convince folks they need their product.  Pricing is outrageous and many consumers will shop for creative alternatives.

Consider Sara's suggestion of the reverse credit card. (Sara, a member of AYA (Association of Young Astrologers)who I met at the NCGR conference and mentioned in the New Moon Newsletter of March 15) “Buy gift cards that do not expire until you have enough to buy the product you desire.” Otherwise use your debit cards.

Jupiter in the Ninth House

Foreign trade is beginning to develop and commerce abroad is improving.  New products are being put together and commerce is brisk.  Businesses with extensive content in their libraries will find a new profitable audience with a new middle class in the international emerging markets.  Jupiter is almost at 15 degrees of the sign of Pisces, which means the beginning of a favored sector shift in the markets.  Now you are looking for stocks that sell Aries products.  This means hats, shampoo, glasses, machinery, raw materials, steel, and the rest of the list is in The Textbook for Financial Astrology.

Uranus in the Ninth House

As Uranus moves back and forth over the final degrees of Pisces everyone is rethinking the way they earn and spend their money. Folks will become involved in educating themselves concerning ways to work at their jobs as independent contractors. Religious and community organizations will provide the public with venues for these educational discussions. Members looking for teaching jobs may wish to consider organizing classes. Other members may consider businesses that help workers change the contract they have with their employers. In our Newsletters as well as Fiscal Cents I have discussed this paradigm shift in the nature of employment contracts for the past year.

Methods for content security systems are effective and providers are able to profit from internet distribution of their creative products. A number of scientific breakthroughs become public knowledge. New inventions and the flow of information increases exponentially. The suggestion is something called Cloud Computing.

The Spring Equinox Sun is at the top of the chart (Sun conjunct the MC)

The markets are like an 18-wheeler reaching the top of the hill.   Is there a plateau, or will the driver have his breaks on all the way down?   The road map indicates a slow winding road down hill.  The economy has a long road ahead and a lot of surprises around each turn.

Folks are cheerful and ready to tackle a myriad of new problems. Around their homes most of the problems relate to transportation and education. These three months appear to be the lull before the summer storm in the markets.

The Sun will oppose Saturn and square Pluto during the next few days and sends a windy weather as well as flood warnings to folks west of the Mississippi.

Heliocentric Mars is opposed Neptune and the Earth is conjunct Saturn opposed Uranus adding to the number of Sun Spots and the danger of Solar Flares. keeps an eye on the Sun for all of us.

Kaye Shinker

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