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by Kaye Shinker

The Spring Equinox and an Overview of the Three Months Ahead

Happy International Astrologers Day! Greet the Dawn with the lyrics of the first song that comes to mind.

Spring Equinox March 20, 2009 at 7:43 am EDT. The chart is set for Washington D.C.

Spring Equinox, 2009, Washington D.C.

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May you live in interesting times is an ancient Chinese curse.  Interesting times are promised as we work our way to the Summer Solstice and the planets move out of a very tight stellium and spread across the zodiac.

We are about in the middle of a financial war that started on September 15, 2008, and it appears it will end after Jupiter enters Pisces. The USA is very competent at cleaning up after a war and those of you born in the sixties are born to do the heavy lifting. Stay healthy.

Venus turns direct on April 17 promising a new attitude toward budgeting our earned income.

Pluto turns retrograde April 4th and it indicates a market reversal, 75% of the time. The paradigm shift is in effect and the new economy is emerging from the countryside. The Sun and Pluto are square in the Equinox chart indicating a that corporations need to concentrate on the performance of their foreign subsidiaries.

Mercury is retrograde May 7 - 30 an excellent time to stash your cash for a summer holiday.  If something costs more than $10 you do not need to buy it.  This is the time you lock your credit cards in a safe.

This Mercury rx is a very good time for Spring cleaning.  It is also a good time to clean up your book collection and consolidate your notebooks.  Consider a garage sale in June or give your surplus items to charity.

Jupiter is conjunct Neptune in Aquarius on May 27, but notice that Chiron is also involved in the conjunction and all three are near the USA 4th of July 1776  Moon.  The Moon is the USA public and they are activated by all of the meanings of these three planets.  This conjunction presents the possibility of solar storms. Disruptions to satellite communications or electrical transmission lines will force the public to rethink our electric grid.  In the world of economics expect a plethora of new inventions coming to market.

Saturn moves direct on May 16 and Jupiter goes retrograde June 15.  The Taurus New Moon newsletter will discuss Saturn direct.

Spring Equinox Chart for Washington D.C.

Venus Retrograde is conjunct the Ascendant of the Spring Equinox chart. This denotes a peaceful time for the people and will allow folks to gather their personal assets and think about their income. It is a demarcation point that puts the emphasis of people to go beyond their budget and find ways to add earned income.

Businesses will search for attractive new products to add to their web sites/stores. Shoppers who have gathered funds in their savings accounts will use the power of cash to negotiate bargains.

This aspect has the power to mark the moment in time when people in mass change their shopping preferences from the mall to the internet. When considering investments take into account your own shopping habits.

The Moon is applying to a square with Saturn. It means the public is unhappy with the demands of bureaucracy. Throwing money at a problem has never been a solution and people know this instinctively. The public is very upset with government solutions to the economic crisis and refuse to participate in various well intentioned programs.

A Twelfth House Emphasis

The Spring equinox finds the Sun in the 12th house shining its light on all things hidden.
Sun shine reveals the reasons for the economic crisis. The public trust in various financial institutions is tenuous at best. Until Summer Solstice scandals will proliferate throughout the news media. Transparency was requested and columnists, reporters, talking heads will not be able to communicate quickly enough to keep up with the indictments. Most folks will quit trying to keep up and go to the movies.

Uranus is in the 12th - Quoting Mundane Astrology by Manik Jain:

"There is an indication here that the State will acquire a more thorough command of its domain and people through means and devices developed secretly."

A lot of people are very unhappy with the current solutions to various economic problems, and they will express their opinions.

Mercury in the 12th promises theft, forgery and embezzlement.   Honest folks who are unemployed might search the police reports for employment opportunities. Greedy folks have finally found enough rope to hang themselves and the 24/7 media will have plenty of content.

People have changed their reactions to advertising. Advertising that teaches a way to use the product will succeed.

Mars in the 12th suggests 'unruly' behavior.   How's that for an old fashioned word? There are protests, but most of the groups are upbeat, pleasant, cheerful, neat and tidy. Thieves should be wary of their targets since the media has determined to give hero status to aggressive victims who tackle the would be thugs. Whistle blowers will identify bureaucratic greed and stupidity helping prosecutors fill their jails.

Neptune in the 11th.   I love to do research and if you have read my Textbook on Financial Astrology, you will note that I believe Neptune is the planet that gives you various red flag warnings.  Here is a bit of research from my Textbook:

The placement of Neptune in the charts for the seasonal ingress will give you an idea where there is a bubble in the markets

Winter 2007, Neptune was in the fourth. The fourth house represents housing.

Spring 2008 had Neptune in the second as did Summer 2008, Fall 2008 and Winter 2008. The second house represents money, banks and earned income.

Neptune falls in the 11th of the Spring Equinox Chart as well as the Summer and Winter Solstice 2009. The eleventh house has to do with money earned from investments such as dividends and interest income.

Might as well relax and learn how to invest in the new economy.
The next bubble could be in the Bond markets. This is indicated by 2009 Fall Equinox which has Neptune in the 1st.   You are going to need to know everything you have ever learned about astrology. Spring 2010 Neptune appears in the 8th and that house has to do with insurance and taxes.  Throughout the Textbooks for Financial Astrology I describe the areas of life each house represents.

Jupiter is also in the 11th and expands everything Aquarian. The symbol for Aquarius is similar to the symbol for electricity.

What happens when the interest rate on a bond increases? What happens when the interest rate on a CD increases? There is a reset as the economy takes on a new attitude. New businesses involved in trade, finance, and commerce gradually find a little bit of public confidence and begin to make money.

Neptune in the 11th inspires Socialism and Jupiter in the 11th inspires Democracy.  On May 27th they meet and Chiron is in the middle.

Moon in the 10th
CEO's and CFO's continue changing assignments in industry as well as government. The public believes the changes represent an opportunity for new approaches to the business and some are ready to risk a few dollars on the stock of the business. The past year has drained the energy of female corporate and government leaders therefore recovering from even minor illnesses is a challenge.

Pluto in the 9th
There is the real possibility of world peace. OK there is the real possibility of folks approaching spiritual growth, and understanding of their neighbors. Pluto likes the 9th house placement and helps folks with education, legal matters, and spiritual growth. Congress actually passes legislation that helps people accept personal responsibility and regain their dignity.

Saturn in the 6th
Employment always lags a rebound in the economy. It remains an issue with the added issue of teenage unemployment. High School graduates this Spring are the group named the Baby Boomlet. It is a big group whose grandparents have taken their traditional jobs. Wise parents will send them to summer school. This is also a good time for Dental check-ups. Healthy teeth can prevent all sorts of other medical issues.

The position of Saturn in the 6th and so many planets in the 12th house suggests the medical sector is in the cross hairs of the public's new weapon; Demand destruction, folks have changed their buying habits.


Baby Bear has been saving his tips. He finished filling his fifth Honey Pot. He is ready for Disneyland.

Mama Bear knows that the season for porridge is coming to an end. She is tired, but thinking about the summer menu.

Papa Bear has found the perfect RV for their summer vacation. Cinnamon and honey spiced porridge has added the extra funds he needed for diesel fuel to run the rig.

"Mama Bear, Mama Bear"  Goldilocks ran into the kitchen with a huge white envelope decorated with pink flowers.  "It's from Ferdinand and look the stamp is from Spain."

She carefully opened the letter with a paring knife, and pulled open the note inside.

"Mama Bear he misses me and wants to visit New York. He says he can hitch a ride in a Rodeo jet. Can he visit? Please? Please?  He is gentle and he won't hurt Baby Bear."

Goldilocks sent Ferdinand an official invitation. Papa Bear promised Goldilocks they would go to Disneyland when Ferdinand arrived and he could certainly stay at their Wall Street cottage

"I don't think Ferdinand would like Mama Bear's plan for the summer menu, Philly Steak-burgers" Papa Bear winked.

Kaye Shinker

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