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The Equinox chart in the Northern Hemisphere from the point of view of Washington D. C.
by Kaye Shinker

The Fall Equinox and a Predictive Overview of the Three Months Ahead

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The Fall Equinox occurs Friday September 23, 2011 at 5:05 am EDT Washington D.C.

Fall Equinox 9/23/2011

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*Note - The Autumnal Equinox - or as it is often called, The Fall Equinox - is the date in the northern hemisphere when the Sun crosses the celestial equator (declination 0) moving southward.   Night and day are nearly equal and this date marks the beginning of Autumn in the northern hemisphere.

In the southern hemisphere, the center of the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving northward - it is often called the Spring Equinox, marking the beginning of Spring in the southern hemisphere.

It is the day when the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Libra.

An Overview of the Astrological Events of the Next Three Months

The Equinox Sun appears in the first house of the Equinox chart and is all about the individual.  Folks will consider the image they project to the public. They will adopt various fashion statements and top off their image with an outrageous hat.

Pluto dominants the aspect pattern.  People will spend time cleaning, fixing, and tossing useless clutter.  Everyone is impatient with paperwork and not willing to invest time on the plethora of forms concerning insurance or taxes.  Folks will focus their attention on their lifestyle, fixing their homes and the issues surrounding taxes.

3 Super New Moons - September 27, October 26, and November 25 are Super New Moons.
Super New Moons occur when the Moon is perigee, or at its closest point in it orbit around the Earth.

Super Moons often predict natural disasters such as severe weather, earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanic activity. Astrologer, Richard Nolle created the term Super New Moon. Click to read his explanation of the term.

October 1st-14th North Node transits 17° Sagittarius
This is a tricky degree mark for the markets. It warns of an energy and/or banking crisis in the making. Europeans/Americans investing in emerging markets will find currency inflation a huge international trade problem. (Click to read, "Global Trend Changes Coming" on the Astrological Investing Blog.)

October 28, Jupiter trine Pluto at 5° Taurus Capricorn
Jupiter will apply to a trine with Pluto starting with this Equinox and ending with the Spring 2012 Equinox.  Everyone will strive for personal success.  Agriculture and Business will find plenty of work and energy to accomplish the goals they set.  Business abroad will remain successful throughout this time period.

The exact aspect marks an up market and the midpoint of an extended period of buyouts, mergers and mega deals.  It is also a warning of bankruptcy among various financial institutions.  It is very important to check the debt obligations of equities on your list of possible investments.  Folks need to repeat the mantra "Cash is King" when judging investments and managing their own budgets.

Happy Halloween October 31

Happy Thanksgiving November 24

November 9, Neptune direct at 28 Aquarius

Often Neptune direct occurs just after the markets have made a move to the upside. Statistically this has happened 85% of the time during the past 12 years. Neptune direct indicates a continuation of an up market.

Neptune's creativity has been most apparent in the electronics industry. During the past 14 years the creative nature of Neptune has brought a plethora of gadgets specifically designed to increase the speed of communications world wide. Technology will continue to expand, however the rate of innovation will slow.

November 12, Mars enters Virgo to stay until July 3,2012
Virgo has a reputation for precision and the ability to organize disparate parts into a logical order. Mars will give Virgo a shock of added energy.  Folks will fill their trash cans, businesses will clean up their balance sheets,  legislators will find their constituents insisting they dispose of waste and fraud in government.

November 24, Mercury retrograde at 20° Sagittarius
Mercury Rx is an excellent time to schedule vacation. Excellent adventures are promised, but be sure to pack any carry-on luggage carefully. It is important to double check all appointments and times and dates for Holiday parties.  Holiday gift shopping needs to be accomplished prior to the Mercury retrograde station.  Mercury direct occurs December 14 and shoppers will find excellent bargains.  Retail stores will be required to make drastic markdowns as folks naturally have difficulty deciding the exact item to purchase.

Markets slide up and down during Mercury Rx only to return to where they started 90% of the time. 

During Mercury Rx it is best to avoid purchases of items over $20. It is not a good idea to sign contracts, or purchase big ticket items. it is a time to do things that start with “re” . Example: read,recycle,repair, restore.  When Mercury goes retrograde the information available on any topic multiplies and it is difficult to sort through all of the details.

November 25, Solar Eclipse at 2° Sagittarius, also a Super Moon
The event is visible from high latitudes in the Southern Hemisphere and includes southern South Africa, Antarctica, Tasmania and most of New Zealand. (Click for NASA's official page for eclipse information) These areas will feel the effect of the eclipse with increased geological activity and severe warm weather storms. There will be an opportunity for political changes and unrest. An eclipse seems to create a rip in the earth's magnetic field in the area where the eclipse is visible, therefore increased atmospheric activity.

Interesting: The Dow Index has the Moon at 2° Sagittarius.  Therefore expect a change in the mix of stocks in the Dow 30. Companies with planets at 2 degrees Sagittarius will find the next six months challenging.

December 10, Lunar Eclipse at 18° Gemini
Lunar eclipses are fun to watch. I consider them to be far less difficult than Solar Eclipses. As to markets they are usually non events. link (Click for NASA's official page for eclipse information)

December 10, Uranus direct at zero degrees Aries, also known as the Aries Point
The weeks surrounding December 10 promise to bring enormous structural changes in how companies perform their work and interact with other businesses.

Uranus direct does not indicate a change in market trends. 75% of the time the markets obtain a balance and do not move either direction for the few weeks surrounding the station point.

Erratic weather is the problem, therefore the commodities markets will find traders anticipating short supplies of all items traded, particularly metals.

December 14, Mercury direct at 3° Sagittarius, YEAH!! SHOPPING!


Planets through the Houses of the Equinox Chart

The Fall Equinox Sun appears in the 1st House
The Sun will focus attention on the individual. Folks are taking care of their own security and well being. They are making decisions about their own comfort zone and finding ways to improve their immediate space. People are connecting with friends and resetting their goals. They are trashing the debris in their lives and recycling the rest.

The markets will reflect the mood of people. Retail establishments that provide excellent service or education will add customers. Businesses that provide personal service will add to their revenues. Electronics manufactures who can customize their products will find increased sales.

Mercury appears in the 1st House
Folks are seriously thinking about how they use their time and energy. They are using their communications devises to efficiently shop and acquire various services. The result is another style of home delivery will be invented.

In order for businesses to attract more customers they will have to add additional unique services. The advantage of internet shopping or shopping with an I Pad is the delivery of items to the home. These services could expand to other businesses such as a beauty salon on wheels, massage therapists on wheels, and the return of the tinker in the form of a dollar store on wheels.

Venus Appears in the 2nd House
Earned income will increase as will the savings rate. Venus is very happy in its own sign and house. She is rewarding folks for thrifty behavior and suggesting that they spend their money on high quality goods and services. Banks and Financial Services continue to have unusual problems, however they seem to be able to find creative answers. Companies that sell quality products will find an increase in their revenues.

Saturn Appears in the 2nd House
Cash is king according to Saturn in Libra. In the second house it tends to cause a stagnation in the general economy. Quality merchandise is in demand as is quality service.

The banking industry will continue to find it difficult to attract customers seeking loans.

Pluto Appears in the 4th House
This position of Pluto is very difficult for natural disasters and inclement weather. Therefore insurance companies and local governments will find their reserves severely diminished. People will be required to rely on their own resources.

Make sure your weather emergency supplies are in good order.

Neptune Appears in the 6th House
Scandals concerning the labor markets will make headlines. Folks who work in the health care industries will be busy. Those in the uniform services will find their work interesting and at times rewarding, especially when ingenuity is required to solve problems.

Uranus appears in the 8th House
Strange as well as difficult tax circumstances will find accountants and insurance agents working overtime. Complaints concerning really weird government regulations will proliferate around the internet. The Euro is under pressure because of the degree position of Uranus.

Jupiter appears in the 9th House
International shipping and delivery corporations will find their services in demand. Trade schools increase their offerings and enrollment. Education and travel are in demand.

Mars appears in the 11th House
Unexpected one time dividends will make shareholders of international corporations happy.

Moon appears in the 11th House
Executives and top managers find retirement a good idea. Corporations and governments will find it challenging to replace various levels of management.

Kaye Shinker

NOTE: It is important to know that almost every Dow stock has a planet in early degrees of Cardinal signs.  (The Textbook for Financial Astrology 3 contains charts for the Dow 30, and we also offer just the Dow 30 charts, on our shopping page as well.) With planets at early degrees, it is important to watch those companies with planets in those degrees.

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