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The Equinox chart in the Northern Hemisphere from the point of view of Washington D. C.
by Kaye Shinker

The Fall Equinox and a Predictive Overview of the Three Months Ahead

Fall Equinox, Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 11:09:02 p.m. EDT Washington D.C.

Fall Equinox 9/22/2010

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The Fall is confusing to business and Wall Street Business does not know what to expect, but around the world companies are producing merchandise and trucks are delivering the goods. Pisces industries are producing a plethora of stuff. The commodities markets are having a wonderful time with prices hitting record highs and sometimes even record lows.  Indiana has an early harvest for example.   Folks who hedge commodities for their business might be wise to wait until the Winter Solstice before making new contracts. Commodities and Currency are for young quick minds and the market promises to be volatile. The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 4 provides astrological charts for a few commodities. It is a good time to start learning about these markets.

The Equinox suggests that folks will be fixing up and decorating their homes and replacing old fixtures with new high quality replacements.  Home furnishing businesses will find new customers visiting their show rooms.  It promises to be an early Winter with cool windy weather arriving a bit earlier than expected.  Again, the Ring of Fire has exploding volcanoes, earthquakes, cyclones, and maybe a tsunami.  Mother Earth is trying to add to her circumference.  The July 10 eclipse path across the Southern Pacific continues to indicate that this area is vulnerable to all sorts of weather phenomena.  It is the growing season in this part of the world, therefore expect crop losses.

September 19, Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct
This conjunction will continue to have an effect on the markets.  It indicates a volatile market with a high during the 7 days surrounding the exact conjunction.  Market highs occur about 82% of the time.  Traders with long positions should be ready with stops and try not to be greedy.  Traders will be very confident,  therefore it is the time to make absolutely sure you have placed reasonable stops.  This is not a good time to trust your instincts.  A power surge or a loud noise could be the distraction that causes an unnecessary loss.

October 8, Venus Retrograde at 13 Scorpio
The market should be moving sideways around October 8 and 92% of the time it will remain level or move up slowly throughout the time Venus is retrograde.

This is a time to avoid shopping for any items that are not utilitarian.  Everyone's sense of color is unreliable.  It is a time when buying high ticket items is not wise.  Houses bought during Venus retrograde tend to become money pits.  You just tend to make really stupid mistakes concerning colors and quality.  If you must buy a gift, buy a gift card and keep the receipt.  In fact, keep the receipts for everything you purchase no matter the price. It is a good time to clean, dust and make lists of items you need.  Not a good time to start a business, a new partnership or merge businesses.

October 16-28, Mercury then Venus make a conjunct with the Sun
This would be an excellent time to put on your favorites list.  Both planets will add to the pressures on the Sun's surface and create solar storms.  Any Coronal Mass Ejections aimed at Earth put our satellites and electronic gadgets in danger.

November 7, Neptune Direct at 25 Aquarius
About 77% of the time Neptune direct will indicate a sideways motion in the market.  In the USA mid-term elections will create dramatic changes in Congress.  Markets do not like change and therefore the markets will probably find a tight trading range for the week surrounding November 7.

Scandals concerning Bonds and Treasury Securities that are tied to housing will come to light and Financial Media will not be able to ignore the news.  More than a few scoundrels will be exposed.  The public will insist that the thieves be incarcerated.

November 18, Venus Direct at 27 Libra - YEAH!!
The markets 87% of the time will move sideways again around the exact date and then move up several days after the direct station.

It is a time to find your lists and start shopping for price.  You will have a very short window of about three weeks to accomplish serious gift purchases for the holiday season. These three weeks are best spent getting ready. It is also a good time to buy cold weather items. If you do not have a generator, it might be a wise purchase. Another excellent gift for yourself would be a surge protector with a battery backup. (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

December 6, Uranus Direct at 26 Pisces
The markets tend to reverse direction on this phenomena.  If the markets have been moving up they will go down. It is a good idea to reset your stops carefully about a week before the direct station.

Uranus direct is a good excuse to go technology shopping. During this week you might pick up some of the "techie" gifts you plan to give to special friends and relatives.  Save the receipts. OK?

November 30-December 7, Heliocentric Grand Square
Most of the time astrologers describe the positions of the planets from the point of view of the Earth, known as Geocentric.  Heliocentric means looking at the position of the planets from the point of view of the Sun.  The planets influence solar weather either by magnetic force or electrical force just as they influence weather on Earth.

The planets are putting a lot of pressure on the Sun from all four sides.  Therefore, it is likely that Sunspot activity will increase and solar flares could be a problem for satellites and electric power plants.  This could be a huge problem for emerging economies.  In the US fiber optics and assorted precautions have been put in place, but there is still work to be done.  Solar flares will melt copper.

December 10 Mercury Retrograde at 5 Capricorn
Hopefully you have finished your shopping and have all of your gift cards and receipts in a safe place.  Hide your credit cards and keep purchases below $15 per item with Mercury Retrograde.   It will be an excellent time to catch up on your reading and repair broken things.  It is also a good time for a winter holiday that isn’t to far from home.  If you are a trader, this will be a very volatile market with Blue Chip stocks moving in price very quickly.  Investors should relax since this is not a good time to buy or sell, and 90% of the time the market ends the retrograde period where it started within 2%.

Mercury will turn direct December 30.   Celebrate, OK?

December 14, Mars conjunct Pluto at 4 Capricorn
It is important to know that almost every Dow stock has a planet in early Cardinal signs.  (The Textbook for Financial Astrology 3 contains charts for the Dow 30, and we also offer just the Dow 30 charts, on our shopping page as well.) This aspect, Mars conjunct Pluto at 4 Capricorn, could indicate a 10% drop in the market averages during the 10 days on either side of December 14.  December is usually a quiet month concerning volatility, not this year.  

December 21, Lunar Eclipse at 29 Gemini
This will probably mark the low for December in the Dow.  The holiday shortened week will find few traders interested in the markets.  If you are an investor rent a few movies and ignore the whole December fiasco.
Lunar eclipses usually bring good news and folks are in a generous mood.  Create a few parties for good friends and relax as much as possible.

December 21, Winter Solstice
Expect that the next three months will find you working, working working.

Planets through the Houses of the Equinox Chart

Sun in the 4th House
The weather promises to be windy, cool and dry. This could be difficult for winter wheat planting. Events come to a conclusion and folks are generally happy with the results. Since the Sun is opposed the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus it is an indication that the current government will lose the elections. ( Disclosure: My political predictions are at times influenced by my political conservativeness. Therefore, my political predications may not be reliable!)

Mercury in the 4th House
This position is a little bit more favorable for northern latitude agriculture. Soybeans and corn have the opportunity to dry in the fields which will save farmers storage costs.  It also indicates good prices for agriculture produce but excellent supplies of feed crops help them stay close to their average price.  This will be an excellent year for farm machinery with farmers using cash to buy their new equipment.

Saturn in the 5th House
The birthrate will continue to drop.  There is the threat of a flu that does not respond to current medications and it could escalate into a difficult problem for health workers.  The allergy season is a problem since an early frost is unlikely.  Entertainment venues will have problems filling their seats.  It will also be a slow season for gambling establishments.

Mars in the 5th House
Now is a good time to start negotiating business partnerships.  You will be able to discuss the goals of the business and achieve compromises.  It is an excellent time to learn the commodities markets and practice the skills required to use the various trading platforms.  Stocks related to commodities are also good investments and stock trading rules are a little bit easier to understand.

Venus in the 5th House
This is an excellent time for content providers.  Creative opportunities are everywhere and those who have adapted to the new media outlets will be very pleased with the opportunities available.  The internet consumes content rapidly, therefore requires an abundant supply of talented folks.

During the Fall a good deal of cash will be earned by commodities traders who pay attention to the time period of Venus and Mercury retrograde.

Pluto in the 7th House
Foreign trade will become a persistent problem for shippers.  Prices and tariffs are volatile and manufactures do not know what to expect.  International disputes will be common, and a few will make headlines. Scandals continue to plague a number of companies.  A few Public Relations departments will find some of the problems impossible to solve.  The public is very wary of claims concerning product safety.

Neptune in the 9th House
It is unaspected and promises to be a real challenge for people living in the USA.  It is applying to a conjunction to the USA Moon.  They feel that their good nature has been taken advantage of and that they have been deceived.  Whistle blowers are in abundant supply and public officials are being cross-examined at every level of government.  Before the next Fall Equinox the courtrooms across the nation will be packed with angry folks who feel their taxes have been squandered.

Moon in the 10th House
Women in high office will suffer the wrath of the public. Many will lose their elections and many will lose their corporate offices.  The public insists on a clean house and they will achieve it either in court, at the ballot box, or in the board room.

Jupiter in the 10th House
Men will also suffer from the public outrage.  Corporate officers will be dismissed quickly and their golden parachutes may be less golden than in previous years.  Financial reporters will have a difficult task keeping track of the changes and pundits will not be able to type fast enough.  In a number of cases retirements will occur first.  Changes in management is often difficult for the price of an individual stock.

Uranus in the 10th House
At least all of the changes in government and corporate leadership will be sudden and interesting. If you check the lessons in the Textbook for Financial Astrology you should be able to anticipate these changes. Jupiter and Uranus are conjunct and ready to start reorganizing the corporate board rooms and government.


Kaye Shinker

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