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the Northern Hemisphere Equinox- Chart set for Washington, DC

by Kaye Shinker

The Equinox chart gives us an overview of the three months ahead.


Fall Equinox September 22, 2009
Fall Equinox September 22, 2009 5:20 p.m. EDT Washington D.C. (click for printable chart)

A number of astrological events after the Equinox will influence the markets. 

Notice as we move closer to the Winter Solstice the November 15th Saturn square Pluto is followed immediately by Jupiter conjunct Neptune. 2010 has 12 major astrological aspects that not only influence money and politics but weather.   As a result Index funds will be extremely volatile.  The general trend is hopeful and the markets will try to move up.

Stay tuned to our New Moon reports.  The following alignments promise to be a big deal.

An Overview of the Astrological Events of the Next Three Months

October 12 - Jupiter Direct

This aspect will probably turn the market and add to the volume of trades. Cash currently on the sidelines will move cautiously back into the market. If you are considering starting a new business, now would be the time to start writing a business plan.

October 30 - Saturn enters Libra

Saturn changes signs from Virgo to Libra.  September 1980 Saturn entered Libra and over a 16 month period the markets dropped 26%.  Inflation was rampant and some Certificates of Deposit paid 17% interest.  The Hunt brothers tried to corner the silver market.  It is a perilous time for all markets requiring every one who trades to be at their computer.  However it is also a time when great new inventions come to the market.  Example: IBM introduced the PC with Microsoft software.

The next six weeks should present an opportunity to find some real bargains.  Electronic items are cheap and this includes computers.

Local politicians will realize that to return vacant commercial real estate to the tax rolls they must do everything possible to encourage startups of small business.

Fashion historically goes through a huge transition when Saturn enters Libra. The current fashion for Saturn in Virgo seems to be "poverty chic".  Saturn in Libra finds longer skirts and new designs will require more fabric.

Previous transits of Libra have cleaned up the law books and improved the tax laws. Libra insists on fair laws. A new Reality game could  be "Which municipality has the most outrageous law still on the books?"

November 3 - Neptune Direct

Direct motion helps creative and content driven businesses. Folks clearly see various deceptions they have experienced during the past few months. Forensic accountants will have plenty of work. Confusion concerning the previous year of chaos on Wall Street will become clear. A plethora of books from financial journalists will hit the best seller list. Usually the direct motion for Neptune has little up or down effect on markets.

November 15 - Saturn square Pluto

The waning square exasperates the problems of condominiums, commercial real estate and especially the budgets of local governments. The issue is vacant property and unpaid taxes. Saturn moving away from Virgo will help resolve some of the issues concerning health care and employment. However, Saturn will revisit these issues in Spring 2010.

December 1 - Uranus Direct

Usually the direct motion of Uranus helps technology create new products to introduce to the market. Manufacturers of hardware and software also have an easier time selling new products to the consumer. It is a good idea to read the web site of any technology stocks whether you are buying their products or their stocks. Look for early publicity concerning the new products they intend to introduce in the year ahead.

December 20 - Mars Retrograde

Various international agreements concerning energy are under discussion. The BRIC countries are the focus of attention and being encouraged to use alternative energies. At the end of the 90 day retrograde we could be very surprised at how energy sources have changed. Traditional vehicles will find new parking spots at the scrap yard. Wars and litigation started under Mars Retrograde will be lost by the group that initiates the action. The Textbook for Financial Astrology Book 1 has some good stories concerning Mars retrograde.

December 21 - Jupiter conjunct Neptune


This is the Santa Claus effect and it has been inspiring a certain euphoria and folks are shopping. Pent up demand has found folks wrapping as holiday gifts items that might be considered necessities. Buyers anticipate a cold winter and shop for creative toys to keep them entertained.


The Equinox Chart (See chart above)

The Libra Sun appears in the Seventh House

The Sun is moving quickly to an exact square with Pluto. The square to Pluto presents every issue as a difficult problem demanding a practical solution. Leaders appear to be trying their best, but the problems are very complicated. International business is having difficulty finding ways to capitalize on the situation. Relationships with foreign markets is the major driving force of the markets. Sources for energy have changed and folks begin to notice lower utility costs.

Venus in the Seventh House
Venus in this position will use the dollar to help solve various international disputes. Most disputes will involve foreign financial institutions where the pressure will be on the exchange rate for the dollar and the value of Treasury bonds. It appears the value of the dollar will rise very slowly as the price of oil dips. As long as oil is valued and useful the dollar will remain valuable and useful. When oil is no longer used for energy then the dollar will no longer have a trading value. The Euro’s value is based on gold. The Textbook for Financial Astrology has charts for both currencies as well as oil.

Mercury Retrograde in the Seventh House

Diplomatic blunders cause trade disputes. Mistranslations and misleading commercial transactions along with copyright disputes cause international disagreements. The issues are very difficult to solve and probably include illegal trading of prescription drugs as well as film and oil.

Communications are in a state of confusion. The world of the smart phone verses the internet has hit a wall of problems with each one demanding a plethora of companies arrive at creative solutions. Investments in communications companies will reward those who research methodically.

Saturn in the Seventh House

Employment in the service sectors becomes an international problem. Health issues are on ‘chicken little’ dilemma with few international agreements able to work out a viable solution. The public world wide seems to be oblivious to all health concerns. Of course there will be a few who feel they have earned a few pajama days.

Moon in the Ninth House

The public sees the international disputes as an unusual opportunity to have some fun with all the politico’s acting like fools. Those who can will take a few trips abroad. However everyone is having a bout of euphoric fun. The Santa Claus effect is in full swing and they see snow and Jingle bells and family feasts as the best good time imaginable. The public has tuned out the world of business along with the Bulls and Bears. Some are actually celebrating the holiday by hanging out in their favorite house of worship.

Pluto in the Eleventh House

Legislators are very unhappy with their colleagues. Boards of Directors are very unhappy with their CEO’s. Stock holders are very unhappy with their dividends. The solution? FIRE them immediately if not sooner. Ok they can have a golden parachute.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House

Get Out of Jail Free. Even charities are collecting extra money and states are letting their inmates out because they have run out of money. Scandals in business concern embezzlement and some are false accusations

Neptune in the First House

Fraud is rampant, Treacherous behavior is not uncommon. This is a case of identity theft probably destroying the credit industry. Expect the cosmetic industry to introduce some exceptionally creative products.

Uranus in the First House

Fortunately the weather may prevent strikes or riots. The people feel rebellious and are doing their best to have their message heard. They are insisting on reforms but refuse to give up any freedoms to do business. Most people believe that laws are written so they can determine how to avoid them.


Goldilocks (the saga continues...)

ring...ring...ring... "Whittigton's Cat, here."
"Oh I'm so glad you picked up, this is Goldilocks, remember we met in London."
"Right, we had a gourmet dinner at Gordon Ramsey's place. That was right before I immigrated to India.  Dick was concerned I would starve to death here, you know?  I took the placement at their stock exchange.  Do come and spend a holiday here at my place.   I purchased a barn in the country and opened a training center for kittens."
Goldilocks was fishing for that invitation.
"I'm cottage sitting for the Three Bears with my friend Ferdinand the Bull, and we are just waiting for the Bear family to return from their summer holiday.   As soon as we have an exact date for the flight out of New York, I'll call back"
"Great weather here you know. Waiting to hear from both of you. Ferdinand will be very comfortable in my barn. He will love the lotus blossoms. Is he coming?"
"I hope so. Bye"


Kaye Shinker

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