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Jupiter In Aries - 2010
by Kaye Shinker

Typically, Jupiter transits a sign on the average for about 12 months, and on the average we experience Jupiter changing signs about once a year.   However, 2010 is one of those rare years where we will experience Jupiter changing signs many times.   

We begin the year with Jupiter in the last few degrees of Aquarius.  By January 19, Jupiter enters the zodiac sign of Pisces and remains there until June.  Jupiter's beginning transit through Pisces is swift, ending on June 6, 2010.

Then Jupiter enters the zodiac sign of Aries and transits direct through 3 degrees of Aries on July 23 at 8:03 am EDT.  It is then that Jupiter begins a retrograde period, appearing to move backwards in the sky for about 5 1/2 months.

On September 9, 2010 Jupiter re-enters the zodiac sign of Pisces. Jupiter's second transit through Pisces in 2010 ends on January 22, 2011 when it re-enters the zodiac sign of Aries on January 22, 2011

Jupiter In Aries

Jupiter is in Aries from June 6 through September 9, 2010, and returns to Pisces.  Jupiter re-enters Aries on January 22, 2011 through June 4, 2011 and then moves onto Taurus.

Jupiter during this period of time will expand all things Aries.  There will be an abundant supply of hats, hair grooming products, eyeglasses, and dental supplies; raw materials, machinery, and precision instruments. Usually Jupiter in Aries produces a surplus of iron ore, steel, and engines.  Scrap metal is in abundant supply so try to clean up the yard and sell your scrap metal before June.  The sign Aries rules quite a few industries several lists are found throughout the Textbooks for Financial Astrology.

Jupiter in Aries - Market Trends

Jupiter transiting Aries is generally good for the overall markets.  During the past 60 years Jupiter has transited Aries five times.  Four out of the past five times the Market has gone up.  Below I show the statistics for the DOW's industrial index of 30 stocks and the NASDAQ's index for 100 stocks. These averages give an overall picture of markets.

To illustrate how the markets have reacted to the stocks that represent metals, I chose two, Alcoa and Nucor. Both companies rely on metals as a raw material to manufacture their products.  The example stock Alcoa was in business throughout the 20th century.  The stock's price increased during each transit of Jupiter through Aries.  Nucor has only been in business since 1958 and the company manufactures stainless steel from raw materials as well as scrap metal.  Their price increased during the past three Jupiter transits of Aries

Jupiter in Aries - Economic Trends

Since Jupiter entered Aries in 1975, we have been in the paradigm shift from the Industrial Revolution to the Technology Revolution.  Since 1975 we have added various electronic components to every sector of our lives. Electronic gadgets control our lighting, heating, transportation, and entertainment.  Jupiter will be conjunct Uranus on June 8, 2010 and the shift to technology will become a vivid reality.

Jupiter in Aries usually ends limited wars.  During the later part of the 20th Century, governments trended toward conservative as taxpayers expected their governments to lower taxes.  Inventors, as a result, were able to find the capital to bring their inventions to market.

Jupiter in Aries Rewards the Inventor

During the next twelve months we can expect exciting new inventions to emerge from garages around the world.

This is a time when individual creativity is rewarded.  Since the internet is an inexpensive way to bring new ideas to the attention of the public investors will need to read everything available/ The most dramatic change will emerge from new sources for energy as well as ways to generate homemade electricity.

Jupiter in Aries also rewards creative designers.  Wearable art is the fashion and hats will be required to finish the design.  Colors favored by fashion are gun metal gray and silver.

The fire signs including Aries seem to attract Natural Disasters.  With Jupiter transiting the fire sign Aries the natural disasters are usually severe and costly.

The Statistics

Jupiter enterd Aries February 13,1999 and moved onto Taurus June 28, 1999 then returned to Aries from October 23,1999-February 14, 2000

Jupiter's transit of Aries Dow UP NASDAQ UP

The Dow was 9,786 and the NASDAQ was 1286

(The Dow passed 10,000 for the first time March 30, 1999 with Jupiter in Aries)

Nucor was $11.04

Alcoa was $20.50

On June 28 1999 the Dow was 10, 336 and the NASDAQ was 1282

Nucor was $11.86 and Alcoa was $31.03

The Dow was 11,497 the NASDAQ was 1469

Nucor was $12.97

Alcoa $29

February 14, 2000 the Dow was 10,921 the NASDAQ 1498

Nucor was $12.42

Alcoa was $29

Economic Events February13,1999-February14, 2000

In Russia Putin replaced Yeltsin.  NATO became involved in the War in Kosovo.  There was a devastating earthquake in Turkey.  The USA was shocked by the Columbine shootings.  AOL was purchased by Time Warner for $162 billion.  AOL was spun off from Time Warner on November 24, 2009 and the current market cap 2.71 billion.

IPO's of note issued while Jupiter was in Aries, Autonation, Iron Mountain, Goldman Sachs.U.S. Concrete, Alloy, Inc. Panera Bread, United Parcel Service, Exxon Mobile,Sirius Satellite, Target Corporation. Michael Munkasey's data lists about a hundred IPO's placed on the market during this time period.

Jupiter entered Aries March 2, 1987 and left March 8, 1988

Jupiter's transit of Aries Dow DOWN NASDAQ DOWN

The Dow was at 2,418, the NASDAQ at 304

Nucor was $2.23

Alcoa was $6.67.

March 8 1988 the Dow was at 2,141 and the NASDAQ (founded 1971) was 273

Nucor was $2.58

Alcoa was $6.65

Economic Events March 2, 1987-March 8, 1988

Chrysler acquired American Motors and the Jeep brand. Alan Greenspan became Chairman of the Federal Reserve.  Dow closes at 1500 on July 17,1987.  Week of October 19, stock market fell 22% and electronic trading was blamed for the precipitous fall.  The Great Crash of Friday, October 16, 1987 caused monetary authorities to set trading curbs on the exchanges and to increase the money supply.

The Savings and Loan crisis required the FDIC to request an injection in capital to remain in business.  There was a housing boom in England.  Gorbachev became president of USSR.  The USA was engaged in trade wars with Japan.

There was a devastating Tsunami in the Gulf of Alaska and a severe earthquake in Los Angeles. The harmonic convergence celebrating the final Katun of the Mayan Calendar was observed. The discussion of Global warming begins.   T. Seymour sailed around the world solo.

IPO's issued while Jupiter was in Aries

Baker Hughes, Tiffany Corp, Sandersons Farms, Glasko, Lazy Boy, Best Buy, Harman International Industries, Oracle, Cyberoptics, Millipore Corporation Michael Munkasey's Data lists about 50 more.

Jupiter entered Aries March 18, 1975 and left March 26, 1976

Jupiter's transit of Aries Dow UP NASDAQ UP

The DOW was 878 on 3/18/1975 the NASDAQ was 95

Alcoa was $3.06

March 26, 1976 the Dow was 1,002 on 3/26/1976 and the NASDAQ was 104

Alcoa $3.35

Economic Events

This entrance of Jupiter into Aries marked the dawning of the paradigm shift from the Industrial Revolution to the Technology Revolution. Bill Gates founded Microsoft in Albuquerque N.M. Oil imports were at a record high, Domestic exports fell.

A reduction in capital gains taxes allows a large increase in dividends and a number of stock splits. NY City request emergency Federal Assistance for deficit. Unemployment falls to 7.5 %

March 1976 Venezuela, Kuwait, and Iraq nationalize oil. President Ford authorizes strategic petroleum reserve. Troops finally exited Viet Nam.

First episode of Saturday Night Live appeared on NBC.

IPO's Issued

Of the IPO's issued during this period of time 10 stocks remain. You may recognize Hawkins, Inc, WW Grainger, Rowan Companies and Sigma-Aldrich Corporation.

Jupiter entered Aries April 4, 1963 and left April 12, 1964

(Note: I switched to the S&P average since the NASDAQ exchange opened in 1971)

Jupiter's transit of Aries Dow UP S&P UP

The Dow was 706 4/4/1963 the S&P was 70

Alcoa was $2.67

Apr, 12, 1965 the Dow was 831 4/12/1964 , the S&P was 82

Alcoa was $2.98

Economic Events

Facsimile made Xerox a hot stock. Coal made a comeback as an important commodity. The US Silver Purchase Act was repealed and paper money could no longer be exchanged for silver.Zip codes were introduced.

John F. Kennedy was assassinated. M.L.King arrested in Birmingham initiating the civil rights movement. China isolated itself from the world.

The Beetles sold their first album.

Good Friday Earthquake in Anchorage, AK

IPO's issued

Ten stocks who listed there during this period have survived. They are Helmerich& Payne, Mattel, Inc., Becton Dicknson and Co., Barnes Group Weyerhaeuser Company, Hawaiian Electric, Sherwin-Williams Company, International Flavors, Occidental Petroleum, Oxford Industries, Avon Corp.

Jupiter entered Aries April 21, 1951 and left April 28, 1952

Jupiter's transit of Aries Dow UP S&P UP

The Dow was 242 4/21/1951 and the S&P was 21

April 28, 1952 the Dow was 274 4/28/1952 the S&P 25

Economic Events

Univac was dedicated to US Census. Oral contraceptives were invented. AT&T introduce direct dial coast to coast. The first nuclear power plant EBR-1was opened.

Armistice negotiations began to end Korean War. United Kingdom began economic boycott of Iran

Elizabeth became Queen of England.  I Love Lucy made its television debut.

IPO's issued

Of the IPO's issued during this period only 5 have survived. They are Alcoa, Sara Lee Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Gen Corp, General Dynamics


Kaye Shinker


Kaye Shinker offers personal consultations based upon your natal horoscope. Kaye's analysis of an individual's chart is focused on the financial implications of the planets in their signs and houses in YOUR chart.   The reading is meant to give you ideas of ways to best use your time and money for your benefit and can help you define your style of trading or investing.  Click here for a professional astrological consultation by Kaye Shinker.

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