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Jupiter in Pisces
Jupiter's transit through Pisces, January 18, 2010 - June 6, 2010
by Kaye Shinker

December 21, 2009

January 18, 2010 Jupiter moves into Pisces

This is a short visit.  He enters Aries June 6, 2010, goes retrograde on July 23rd, and by September 9, 2010 Jupiter re-enters Pisces. Jupiter returns to Aries January 22, 2011.

Jupiter moving back and forth between signs is the reason 2010 will be a very volatile year. Every level of society will have difficulty keeping up with the changes. Astrologicalinvesting is planning to give you as much information as possible in the New Moon Reports, on the blog and in the bulletin board forums where you can chime in with your observations.

The financial sectors involved will be Shipping, Energy, and Metals.  Lists of specific Industries and Sectors can be found in The Textbook for Financial Astrology.

Demand comes in fits and starts from BRIC countries and weather.   Activity on the Sun will also be a factor that will require daily monitoring at

Industrial Reformation*

My optimistic view is this is the first stage of the Industrial Reformation.   June 8, 2010,  Jupiter and Uranus meet up at Zero degrees Aries.  This is the repeat of the Pluto in Capricorn energy that gave Martin Luther the courage to print the German translation of the New Testament - the first step to the Protestant Reformation in 1522-1523.  New inventions and new ideas came together bringing a Peasant Revolution, and above all, a spiritual reason to learn how to read.

In Financial Astrology, Jupiter has the ability to produce abundant supply.  He takes the assignment seriously. During 2009, Jupiter transited Aquarius and produced an abundant supply of electronic gadgets.  An abundant supply of anything usually brings down the price.  Therefore, the prices for electronic gagets plummeted.  Lower prices means that profit margins are squeezed, but often the volume makes up for the lower margins. Therefore, technology companies continued to profit - and those with quality products were able to maintain their price points while selling additional merchandise. By the end of the 2009, most technology equities maintained their value, while the best of breed gained in value while they increased market share.

The markets world wide get very nervous when Jupiter changes signs

The problem is that the public changes its mind about what it wants when Jupiter changes signs.  In 2009, the days between January 5-20, Jupiter changed signs moving out of Capricorn and into the sign Aquarius.  The Market fell down from 9,000-8,000 on the Dow. Usually the markets recover once Jupiter hits 2 or 3 degrees of his new sign, but this new sign was Aquarius, and a majority of Aquarius stocks were on the NASDAQ. The NASDAQ went from 1571-1507 from January 5-18. Starting with January 2009 Jupiter transited Aquarius and then tech heavy NASDAQ moved up 41% while the industrial balanced Dow Index was up 20%.

Jupiter transited Aquarius.  The public wanted anything and everything that they could recharge or plug into the wall. There were plenty of items to choose. The companies that produced popular items found the price of their stock increased. Apple computer had the most popular items, and in 2009 the price of their stock increased 128%. Remember when you wanted an iPhone last year?  Dell's offerings were less popular therefore, their stock price increased only 23%.

Jupiter changes signs while Mars is retrograde

My thought is, reversal of a supply of energy - meaning supplies are not needed by the market and are accumulating exponentially. The problem could be any of those things ruled by Pisces. Therefore, supplies accumulate at the shipping docks.  Pisces rules oceans and winter storms or other natural weather related issues could cause shipping delays.

Which Pisces type equity will win the battle?

Pisces is all about fuel and energy.  Jupiter is all about an abundant supply.  Jupiter's previous transits of Pisces were 1962,1974,1986,1998.  Price of gas adjusted for inflation was $1.34 in 1974, $1.42 in 1986, $1.40 in 1998, and in 2009, $2.79 . The 1973-74 Oil Embargo ended in March of 1974 several weeks after Jupiter entered Pisces.

What energy do you plan to spend money on this year?

When Jupiter changes signs you change your list of priorities.  You begin to save your money for a new project. You purchased a computer with a printer.  Now you need to budget your money to buy printer ink.  The computer is ruled by Aquarius and the ink is ruled by Pisces.  Now you are surfing the web for “ink”

In January 2010, markets will start the year by being very nervous even when Mercury turns direct on January 15.  It will probably be February before the traders adjust to the sector change. Usually one or two sectors related to Pisces will begin to appeal to the public and then the stock traders. Gas, oil, and drugs could be the first to gain popularity. In the Textbook for Financial Astrology I discuss all of the economic sectors ruled by Pisces. Each Textbook gives you additional information on Jupiter transits.

On page 33, Textbook One, I start you off with some of the areas of the economy ruled by Pisces.  Think about some of the industries involved in these areas.  In Textbook Four, I give you the sectors ruled by Pisces as they are listed in Investors Business Daily. IBD then lists the individual stocks in that sector.

How to think About Supply and Demand as Jupiter transits Pisces

It is so hard to think about, and yet it is so easy to understand, for instance:

Pisces and Drugs

Pisces rules some scary things that can become treacherous when found in abundant supply. For example: illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages, crime, and prisons. Imagine an abundant supply of drugs with very thin profit margins. Imagine an abundant supply of alcoholic beverages and cheap wine. Chronic unemployment can increase the crime rate and therefore the prison inmates. Unemployment will attract entrepreneurs in these areas and law enforcement will have some real problems keeping up with people who are unable to pay for their addictions.

Pisces and Chemicals

Pisces rules chemicals. Think about chemicals in surplus supply and what will happen to the price of say a barrel of acetone. Then think about the related industries. What will happen to the price of their products if there are too many chemicals. Most chemicals are used in plastics and the price of plastics will be a huge factor in the trade with the Far East. Toys of all varieties will become cheaper or at least the profit margins will increase.

Pisces and Garbage

Pisces is often refereed to as the garbage dump of the zodiac. The reason is that Pisces rules surplus materials-garbage. Surplus garbage is a huge problem. Who do you call when you have 20 tons of garbage sitting in the front yard? What do you do with the toxic chemicals mixed into the garbage? Then what do you do with the useful materials mixed into the trash? All of these problems insist on solutions, and small businesses will form to solve some of the problems. The Waste Management companies will be forced to charge higher prices to increase the frequency of their service.

Now it is your turn to think about supply and demand and economic sectors related to Pisces

Astrological Investing would love for you to share your thoughts on the Community Bulletin Board Forums. Aquarius was easy, "just plug it into an electrical outlet", but Pisces has oceans of things to think about.

Oceans are a good place to start! OK,


Pisces rules oceans and shipping

Pisces also rules fantasy, photography, dancing and film. Look out YouTube.

As for a surplus of fish, eat as much as you can while they are cheap. Remember fish oil is heart healthy.

*Industrial Reformation

Go to the Wikipedia entry for Martin Luther.  Read about the times he lived in. Also read the entry about Montezuma and Cortez. We are going through a time similar to 1515-1532 when Pluto was also in Capricorn. The time period is called the Protestant Reformation, but it was really a time when a new invention called the printing press made it possible for fellows like Luther to translate the Bible into the vernacular. Folks took a look at the establishment ruled by the Catholic church and dramatically changed it. The printing press gave people the opportunity to read - or learn how to read. Translations of the Bible gave them a reason to learn how to read and think for themselves.

Cortez ruined the economy of Europe at the same time by importing gold. A large supply of gold made it less valuable. Old hoards of gold bought fewer sacks of flour, and once wealthy folks lost the value of their accumulated fortunes.

What we are experiencing is the same transformation and I call it the Industrial Reformation. The Internet has dethroned the industrial establishment and revealed their secrets. Treasures of oil will be replaced by the abundance of other energies. Unfortunately, workers are displaced and need to learn to read a new language - technospeak.


Kaye Shinker


(Read The Textbook For Financial Astrology)

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