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Jupiter's Transit of Capricorn
by Kaye Shinker
November, 2007

Jupiter will be in Capricorn from December 19, 2007-January 3, 2009. His previous transits of Capricorn were January 1996--January 1997, January 1984-February 1985, and September 1972-February 1973.

Jupiter expands the things ruled by the sign that it transits. All of this is fine until you think about it. An abundant supply means that the price will be less. Example: Apples during harvest season are cheaper than they are six months later.

Capricorn rules government and business, therefore, we can expect an abundant supply of both.  I'm not sure an abundant supply means too much government or too many folks trying to govern and control their populations.  Since there will be an election without an incumbent during the Jupiter transit of Capricorn in the USA, we can anticipate that there will be two governments, the incumbent and the one just elected.

Too much business could mean too many companies competing for a specific supply of customers.  It could also mean that new businesses form because new inventions require businesses to sell the product. It could also mean that in order to guarantee labor for various projects contracts will be required and folks will need to form small corporations for tax purposes.

Capricorn rules heavy construction and the tools necessary to accomplish the task. Infrastructure is a problem around the world and there will be plenty of contracts let by various levels of business and government. However, these projects require so many approvals that most will not get underway until Jupiter enters Aries. Therefore leaving contractors and machinery idle.

Commercial Buildings
Large buildings and apartment complexes are ruled by Capricorn and this over supply could lead to lower rents per square foot and also possible abandonment of buildings for lack of tenants. RV's, Mobile/Manufactured homes are currently in abundant supply and the price of these will continue to fall for lack of customers able to borrow the cash required to purchase them.

Commercial Real Estate
Qualified customers able to borrow money are scarce and credit markets have dried up. This will keep Commercial Real Estate offices and agents under employed. Large corporations find it expedient to downsize. Buildings will lower their rental rates per square foot and offer interesting leases. The first wave of retirees will also decrease the number of offices required by governments and corporations; fewer occupants in buildings will also create less demand for heating and air conditioning units.

Also, new inventions could lead to a surplus of heating and air conditioning units based on last centuries technology.

Senior Citizens
Capricorn rules Senior Citizens. There is an abundant supply. Clever business folks will find new ways to cater to this group. Hopefully they remember that 95% of the group born after 1943 are extremely healthy and very active. Many are still taking care of their parents, therefore ideas that give these folks a hand can be profitable.

The Capricorn list continues with nursing homes, gerontology, assisted living for Seniors and pharmaceuticals. Think about what your friends and family will use and what they will need to live comfortably and then apply the ideas to companies that provide the products. I would design a scooter that looks like a Harley for the Seniors in my life.

Natural Resources ruled by Capricorn
Coal, cement and salt are ruled by Capricorn.  An abundant supply could make them very cheap.

Security Systems and Vaults are under the rulership of Capricorn.  Technology has changed these systems dramatically.  This could be the year that manufacturers dispose of an abundant inventory.

Financial Services
We are all fairly aware of the abundant supply of financial services, advisors and investment companies.  These folks can be very helpful if you direct your own funds and take personal responsibility for your assets. However they are in business to make money and you need to know how much they charge for their advise and the sources of their commissions.  Truth and transparency are vital.

2008 is a year to learn about the world of money and how to make it work.

Just for fun be aware of the price of various timepieces.  Capricorn rules clocks and watches.   If you have always wanted a grandfather's clock, they will be cheap.

Shifting emphasis
Jupiter seems to shift it emphasis on supply and demand about half way through its transit of a sign, mid July in this case.  However, Pluto will be in Capricorn until 2025 and all of the above will be the target of dramatic emphasis and change.  Buy a world map without political boundaries and tie a pencil with an eraser so you can keep track of the changes. Oh heck, just buy a map company.

2008 is a year to learn about the world of money and how to make it work in your portfolio. I have just made a few suggestions about the meaning of Capricorn and some of the areas the Jupiter's transit will expand.   Pluto will transit Capricorn until 2024.   Understanding how Capricorn influences your income, and your investments starts with reading the Textbook for Financial Astrology.

Like the Phoenix, Pluto will destroy and rebuild all of the above. Stay tuned - our newsletters will continue with observations and predictions as we live in interesting times.

Kaye Shinker, author of The Textbook for Financial Astrology - March 18, 1940 - November 18, 2011. Though she is no longer with us, her spirit and her teaching continues on. . We are proud to offer Kaye Shinker's Textbooks for Financial Astrology for sale on this web site, click here to purchase The Textbook For Financial Astrology..

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