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Company Data
Incorporation Dates, IPO's
by Michael Munkasey

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Vector 2000 Technical Indicators and Tools at Astrological
Traders and investors use and compare economic data and global trends to determine when to buy and sell.

Click to read Trading Styles, by Marlene Pfeifle

Technical analysis is primarily used to predict whether the market is in an uptrend or a downtrend.   When using technical analysis in combination with astrology you will be able to time trades and choose stocks that outperform the market while greatly reducing your risk.* (see note at bottom of page)

We at Astrological Investing maintain that one should always use the basic principles of financial astrology, detailed in Kaye Shinker's book, The Textbook for Financial Astrology. These principles can be applied regardless of what stock trading software one chooses to use.

Technical tools can be employed as a useful adjunct to astrological transits affecting the markets overall, or transits to an individual IPO or Incorporation chart, to help time entry and exit points.

There are many tools one can use in trading. On this site we do not specifically suggest you use Vector 2000, but we hope you enjoy the streaming quotes and that the experience of using these free tools is educational as well as beneficial to your trades! (Vector 2000 is an affiliate)

Disclosure: My favorite and highly recommended method of trading implementing technical analysis with astrology is outlined in Randall Ashbourne's eBook, The Idiot & The Moon (available to purchase on our web site) I have found the information in Mr. Ashbourne's book to be accurate and most valuable in timing the market.

Vector2000 offers advanced analysis and forecasting tools - their tools are recommended for Short Term traders and Day Traders. However, any style of trader/ investor can benefit from using these tools in conjunction with planetary cycle analysis!  
Click here, or scroll down the page to read Trading Styles.

About the Vector 2000 Tools
(These same tools launch from Vector2000's web page, where they offer a free real-time trial offer as well as tools and services available through paid subscription, the eQuotePro)

Streaming Quote Tool - Top of Page eQstream
Roll your mouse over the small icons on the gray "handles" and click to customize the streamer.

eQstream - (Note: quotes have a 15 minute delay). The "stocks" (top) portion of the streamer will load a new list of symbols generated each day by Vector2000. These symbols represent the 6 biggest INTRA-DAY (from OPEN to CLOSE) gainers and 6 biggest losers from the prior session - where each symbol must have had a minimum day liquidity of $5 mil. during that session.

eQstream also includes a Market Momentum panel (bottom) which will display the forecasted trend for the major Indices for the day. (The anticipated trend is calculated by VultureAAT market analysis engine.)


Notice that the panel has bordered edges with icons. This is the Custom Control Panel where you can enter the symbols you want, including indices. Users may input their own list of symbols by clicking on the "+" button. Click SAVE and the changes will take effect the next time the Streamer is refreshed. (Cookies must be enabled)

Momentum Indicators - Right Column
Click on the "buttons" in the bottom half part of the gray graphic interface for the individual indicators. Click the <Refresh> to reload and update the Market Momentum

Momentum Indicators consistently achieve a high degree of accuracy by incorporating four major components - technical, fundamental, media and Investor sentiment according to Vector 2000.


iChart - A Stock Chart Technical Indicator and Pattern trend Analysis - charting Indicators available and a proprietary candlestick scan engine, including custom parameters and back testing. (Please allow pop-ups).

eQuote - Fundamental and Technical indicators plus data presented in an easy to use number and grading format, including summarized graphical Momentum Indicators for all actively traded securities. It is comprised of numerous technical Movement Indicators designed to aid Investors in determining short term stock movements for North American Equities and Indices.

MarketMeter -The MarketMeter can be used as a standalone tool to assist investors with their trade decisions and stock picks. It is a highly accurate market forecasting tool with Momentum and Trend Indicators including Timing Indicators for position entry.


Trading Styles
by Marlene Pfeifle

Whether you have decided to become a trader with a particular time frame in mind for entering and exiting your trades, or you would rather be an investor with a long term buy and hold strategy, the best place to begin is with a basic understanding of the principles of financial astrology as outlined in Kaye Shinker's The Textbook For Financial Astrology.

Styles of trading/investing can be defined in various ways and categories. But the most important style of trading is the one that fits for you! Kaye Shinker offers personal consultations based upon your individual natal horoscope and can help you define your style of trading or investing. Kaye's analysis of an individual's chart is focused on the financial implications of the planets in their signs and houses in YOUR chart.  Personality is perhaps the most critical aspect of choosing a trading style. Click here for a professional astrological consultation by Kaye Shinker.

Intra-day trading, (day trading), is done by professional full-time traders who take an aggressive approach to trading, taking both Long or Short positions. The positions day traders take can be held from a few seconds to a few hours or an entire day. Most day traders exit their positions before the end of the day, but there are some who don't. Day traders define their day trading style into sub-categories representing how long they actually hold their positions. Timing is critical for Day traders, as they need to find the proper windows during which positions can be entered and exited.

Using astrology, day traders always consider the movement and aspects of the moon as the most important timing indicator.

Short Term trading is a trading/investment style used by those traders who desire to participate in the stock market in a dynamic and aggressive way, but do not have the time for day trading. They can take various positions in the market - Long or Short - but usually hold their positions for a time span of a week or less. Although some will hold positions for slightly longer periods of time. Swing Traders are looking for short term fluctuations in the market. Market sectors and industries are considered and then selected using a trading system of technical indicators, and not fundamental analysis, since the majority of their decisions are based on price trends and patterns.

When short term trading and using astrology, all the planets - in addition to the moon - must be considered. Recommended articles for day traders and short term traders to read are: Using Planetary Aspects in the MarketThe Moods of the Moon;   An Astrological Viewpoint of The World At Large;  The Dow Theory,   Using Technical Analysis to Find a Profitable Buy Point  and on our blog Using Daily Aspect Calendars to Time Intraday Trading.

Daily aspects calendars are posted monthly on the Astrological Investing Blog around the 20th of each month.

Long Term Trading (Buy and Hold) is basically what is called Investing. It is a style in which one should interpret long term trends and consider fundamental data as well as looking at technical indicators in order to make the best decisions for a position meant to be held for a greater length of time. Long term investing works well for those who desire to have a "hands off" approach compared to the other traders and trading styles. It is also the way most individuals approach investing for their retirement portfolios. Positions can be held as long as a year or even longer.

When using astrology for investing long term, the most important planets to consider are the outer planets. The most important planets are Jupiter and Saturn, but also Uranus, Neptune and Pluto can influence a stock or an index. Recommended articles to read on this subject are: Jupiter and Saturn: These Planets Mean Business, Jupiter's transit of Capricorn, Neptune's Red Flag Alert

Click here to read the many other articles that are listed on the Financial Astrology Articles page at Astrological

Whether trading or investing, we suggest:

1. Start by reading the recent Equinox and Solstice articles.
2. Read the New Moon report for a general overview of the month ahead.

Click here to order the Textbook For Financial Astrology to further gain an understanding of the importance of the planets in business and the market.

Click here to Subscribe and become a member of Astrological Investing.   Commentary on astrological conditions affecting stock markets is sent in our newsletter emailed in advance to all members.

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Vector2000 Stock Systems - Advanced technical analysis and market forecasting for short term stock market trends, c/w trade recommendations, timing indicators, enhanced quotes / charts and MarketMeter.

*Note: Information provided should not be construed as investment advice. As with any form of prediction there is always a degree of ambiguity, but using technical tools along with astrology you may find they are fewer and far in between. Any decisions in financial markets are solely the responsibility of the reader, and neither the author nor the publishers assume any responsibility at all for those individual decisions. Read our Disclaimer on our home page at


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The tools and information provided on this web page are based on Vector2000's proprietary analytical system, Adaptive Algorithm Technology by Vulture [AAT].

AAT is innovative system that actively tracks close to 30 unique technical indicators for each security, and monitors traders reactions to changes in those indicator values.